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15 Years of Telecommunications and Postal Market Regulator in Poland

This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of operations of the telecommunications and postal market regulator. Its mission is to use the potential of technology to satisfy the basic human need – to communicate – and provide Polish society with the access to modern telecommunications and postal services.


In October 2000 the first regulator was established: the Telecommunications Regulation Office; the Telecommunications and Postal Regulation Office was its successor and since 2006 the Office of Electronic Communications has operated in its capacity as the regulator.

To underline the importance of this anniversary, on 8th October this year an anniversary meeting was organized, during which Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE, together with her predecessors, representatives of institutions and companies of this industry sector as well as foreign regulators, concluded fifteen years of operations of the Office. The managers and employees of UKE had the opportunity to listen to presentations delivered by the invited guests of honour: Andrzej Halicki, the Minister of Administration and Digitization and – via multimedia – Michał Boni, Member of the European Parliament and Houlin Zhao, the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE, opened the meeting expressing thanks to friends and partners of the Office, and especially its former and current employees: - I am deeply convinced that people constitute the value of the company, therefore I would like to thank you all very much for the many years of joint work and effort in building a positive image of the Office and effective implementation of its mission. Then she made a brief presentation of the history of the most important market regulations implemented in the recent years and underlined that: - (...) a significant part of the changes that have occurred in the Polish market were inspired by the Regulator and these changes often were revolutionary, not evolutionary.

The current state of telecommunications and postal market in Poland is very impressive, especially from the customers’ point of view: falling prices are visible in all market areas in many segments; on top of the lower price for a given service we are also provided with much better quality, and the competition has increased a lot in most areas of the markets. The active consumer-oriented policy is effective: – Last year alone we received almost 5.5 thousand intervention requests as compared to 750 requests at the beginning of the operations of the Consumer Information Centre, i.e. in 2005. What is important, we were able to complete 70% of requests submitted last year for the benefit of users.

Magdalena Gaj mentioned also the most important statistics that illustrate well the role of the Regulator in the last fifteen years: - Changes in the telecommunications and postal markets are visible on the ‘macro’ scale: according to the PMR data in 2000 the value of the telecommunications services market amounted to circa 24 billion PLN, while at the end of 2014 it amounted to 39.21 billion PLN (...)  In 2001 one operator – TP  S.A. had the market share of over 91% in terms of sales revenue in the fixed-line telecommunications market.  In 2014 10 operators jointly had the market share of almost 92% in the fixed telecommunications market, which is as much as one operator’s market share at the beginning of the Office’s operations. Implementation of the digital television is another example: - (...) As compared to 2000 and the age of 3 or 4 analogue TV channels, the Poles have been given access to more than 20 digital channels, including some in HD. It is one of the better prepared and carried out social and economic and technological processes in our country – she summed up.

Concluding the President of UKE indicated that the most important task of the Regulator is to continuously monitor changes and trends in the market, in order not to be surprised by them, and to respond effectively and adapt best regulations to them. – Taking into consideration the pace of changes in the communications market I cannot exactly predict what will happen in the next 15 years. (...) However, one thing is certain – without investment in the modern infrastructure, we will not be able to effectively compete in the digital world, therefore further constructive cooperation between the Office and the market is so important.

The participants of the celebration listened also to a lecture on the development of telecommunications market delivered by an inspirational speaker, Jerzy Zientkowski, and discussions during two panels: Regulatory trends and challenges – Quo Vadis Europe? and 15 years of the regulator in charge of telecommunications and postal markets – challenges for the next years.

In the course of the celebrations a film: 15 years of the mission of the Regulatory Authority presenting the pivotal events and successes of the one and a half decade of the Office’s operations was played.

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