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Press releases

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The President of UKE speaks for telecommunications secrecy

The President of UKE Magdalena Gaj has taken her position on the provision of personal data covered by telecommunications secrecy in civil cases. The President of UKE has stressed the citizens' right to privacy and lack of legal grounds for civil courts of law and law enforcement officers to require data covered by telecommunications secrecy.

Web BezBarier
Contest for an "Internet website without barriers"

The 6th edition of the contest for an "Internet website without barriers", whose aim is to select and award internet websites that are best adapted to serve disabled users, the elderly and all people vulnerable to digital exclusion, has just started. The contest is organized by the "Visible" Foundation (Fundacja Widzialni) and the Broad Coalition for Digital Skills (Szerokie Porozumienie na Rzecz Umiejętności Cyfrowych). The President of UKE is the honorary patron of this initiative.

Mme Gaj NetMasters Cup
Net Masters Cup Finals - Nowa Sól, Radom and Krakow become Internet masters 2014

This year's winner of the Net Masters Cup is a team called Misiaczki (Teddy Bears) from Post-Middle Schools in Nowa Sól. The second and third place went to teams from Radom and Krakow. The honorary patronage over this event is held by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

Logo UKE eng
Results of a contest for a local multiplex in Lower Silesia

The President of UKE announces the results of a contest for a general exclusive frequency licence in the 470-790 MHz band to be used in the radiocommunication broadcasting service in the area of LUBAŃ / JELENIA GÓRA 1 / BOLESŁAWIEC / CHOJNÓW intended for digital broadcasting or re-broadcasting of radio or television programmes in the local TV multiplex (L1).

WSIS+10 photo ITU
WSIS+10 High-Level Event

On 9-13 June 2014, the WSIS+10 High-Level Event took place in Geneva as part of the World Summit on the Information Society.

GSR-14 phot. ITU
Global Symposium for Regulators GSR-14

On 2-5 June 2014 in Manama, Bahrain, the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-14) took place. The GSR is the largest annual global meeting for heads and experts from telecommunications regulatory authorities in order to discuss regulatory strategies and regulatory approaches to new trends and market challenges.

Synergies in the rollout of telecommunications infrastructure Workshop of the European Commission

The European Commission is organizing in Brussels on 26 June (from 14.00 to 18.00) the “Workshop on Synergies in the rollout of networks by Utilities and Telecoms: roadmap, obstacles, solutions” devoted to the Directive on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks as recently adopted by the European Parliament and the Council.

Conceptual workshops under the PLI CBD2 project

Conceptual workshops for telecommunications undertakings will take place on 24 and 26 June in Warsaw as part of the PLI CBD2 project.

Logo UKE eng
Timeliness of letters and parcels in 2013

The Report of the President of UKE on the survey of postal items routing time with respect to universal postal services in domestic traffic in 2013.

Logo UKE eng
Postal services market in 2013

Report of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications on the state of postal services market in Poland in 2013.

Logo UKE eng
Results of a survey on routing time for postal parcels using an IT postal items monitoring system employed by Poczta Polska S.A.

Due to the entry into force of the Postal Act of 23 November 2012 (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1529) which under Article 52 (3) enables organization of a survey on postal items routing time by the designated operator based on data from an IT postal items monitoring system employed by that operator, a pilot survey was conducted in 2013. The survey covered only postal parcels because in the case of letters the surveys refer to unrecorded letters which are not included in the monitoring system. The survey was conducted by Poczta Polska S.A. and verified by the National Institute of Telecommunications - National Research Institute.

Telefon stacjonarny
Guide to the quality of telecommunication services

The Office of Electronic Communications begins publishing a series of articles aimed at bringing to the potential and current customers of telecommunications service the issue of quality of access to Internet services, in particular the transparency of information related to the Internet services.

Unia Europejska_flaga
Lower rates for roaming services in the EU from 1 July 2014

Mobile subscribers travelling within the European Union from 1 July 2014 will pay less for roaming services.

Media Trendy 2014_plakat
Magdalena Gaj, President of UKE, awarded for transition to digital terrestrial television as the "Event of the Year"

The transition to digital terrestrial television was recognized as the “Event of the Year” in the media market in this year's edition of the Innovation Award Media Trends contest organized by the SAR Association of Marketing Communication.

Logo UKE
Report on universal service

The President of UKE presents the "Report on the availability status and assessment, quality and affordability of services comprising universal services".

fot. Piotr Jaszczuk (UKE)
Delegation from the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MITC) of the Republic of Moldova visits UKE

On 29 and 30 April 2014, experts from the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MITC) of the Republic of Moldova visited the Office of Electronic Communications. Bilateral cooperation between Poland and the Republic of Moldova takes place within the framework of a project aimed at development of the Moldovan legal framework with respect to shared use of telecommunications infrastructure.

Montenegro Agency for Electronic Communications
Delegation from the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro visits UKE

On 28-29 April 2014, the Office of Electronic Communications hosted representatives of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP) from Montenegro. This was the first expert meeting planned for the current year. Bilateral cooperation between UKE and EKIP is carried out based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the President of UKE and the President of EKIP's Board in July 2013.

GUS: growing pace of sales in telecommunications services

Data for the first quarter 2014 presented in the report of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) show that the pace of growth in the sales of communications services was faster than in the previous quarters.

Logo UKE
Outcome of notification procedure referring to a draft decision on modifications to the reference offer

The President of UKE, acting based on Article 18 of the Telecommunications Act, has carried out notification procedure referring to a draft decision on modifications to the reference offer. The European Commission had no comments on the notified draft.

Highlights of the conference to celebrate international "Girls in ICT Day"

A conference to celebrate the international "Girls in ICT Day" was held on 25 April in Krakow as part of a social project "Girls in New Technologies". The event was organized by: the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, the President of the AGH University of Science and Technology and the project partners.

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