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Press releases

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Dziewczyny w ICT (2)
Conference to mark the International Girls in ICT Day

On 23rd April at the Information Technology Centre of the Lodz University of Technology a conference dedicated to women in high-tech business, organized on the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day was held. For the third time the event was initiated by Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

Laptop z internetem
Monitoring the execution of objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe

The President of UKE presents the Report – “A set of rates for monitoring the execution of objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe in terms of the fast and ultrafast Internet access”.

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Responsibilities of the telecommunications undertakings towards people with disabilities

The President of UKE calls on the providers of publicly available telephone services to present information on facilitations they provide to people with disabilities.

Analysis of roaming services

The President of UKE presents the Analysis of the use of international roaming services in the EU/EEA region.

ONZ_ logo
Report CSTD

Report of the United Nations' Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) on "Strategic foresight for the post-2015 development agenda"

Logo UKE (angielskie)
The list of participants of the contest for the designation of postal operator to provide universal services in the years 2016-2025

In compliance with the provisions of the Postal Law Act, on 30th December 2014 the President of UKE announced a contest for the designation of postal operator to provide universal services in the years 2016-2025 in a national daily newspaper (Rzeczpospolita) and on the UKE’s Public Information Bulletin (BIP) website.

Telefon komórkowy
The President of UKE analysed the effects of mobile phones on human body

The findings of the mobile phones tests with regard to the absorption of electromagnetic energy by the human body during telephone calls (measuring SAR).

Premium Rate_plakat
Threats of using the Premium Rate services

The President of UKE presents a Guidebook entitled: “The Protection of the Youngest against Pornography Accessible via the Premium Rate services”. 

ML (6)
15th Telecommunications World Symposium

The 15th Telecommunications and Media World Symposium was organized in Warsaw on 25-26 March 2015. Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications was granted the title of the “Person of the Year 2014” of the telecommunications world during the grand gala of “Golden Antennas” award accompanying the conference.

An analysis of bundled services’ prices in Poland

The prices offered in 2014 were in the majority of cases lower than in 2012. Average cost of the ‘television + Internet’ package in 2014 was lower by PLN 15 than the one offered in 2012 under an agreement for 12 months, and by PLN 30 in the case of two-year commitment period. However, the biggest difference was visible in the case of minimum prices under an agreement for two years. The difference between 2014 and 2012 amounted to PLN 37.

Conclusion of the 3rd edition of the “M@turity in the Net. Good Practices” competition

On 20 March 2015 the ”M@turity in the Net” coalition and the Broad Agreement on Digital Skills announced the results of the 3rd edition of the ”M@turity in the Net. Good Practices” competition. The event was held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski and patronage of Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, who was also a member of the competition jury. 

Logo UKE
The President of UKE finalised administrative proceedings related to the postal activities carried out by PGP S.A., Inpost S.A. and RUCH S.A.

On 19 March 2015 the President of UKE after the execution of administrative proceedings, initiated following the conducted inspections, referred to three postal operators: Polska Grupa Pocztowa S.A., InPost S.A. and RUCH S.A., issued administrative decisions specifying the scope of detected breaches and requiring ending them within 30 days. 

Plakat Sprawdzaj co podpisujesz_800
The President of UKE warns - before you sign, read the contract!

The President of UKE constantly receives information and complaints from subscribers regarding unfair and insidious trade practices. Those relate to the practices of sales representatives of different operators, in particular the fixed telephony services, who mislead the subscribers into signing new contracts for the provision of telecommunications services, resulting in porting a phone number to a new operator.

The voting began in the ITU WSIS Project Prizes 2015

3...2... 1 ...START! The voting for the best projects within the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) has just started! Poland takes parts in the competition of the ITU WSIS Project Prizes once again.

Telefon stacjonarny
Guidebook for Consumers - telecommunications services

The UKE President informs about the consumer rights and obligations towards the provider of telecommunications services.

Traineeships for female students in ICT industry - third edition!

Female students of sciences and IT are invited for the second time to participate in a contest for traineeships in the best companies in the ICT sector: Cisco Systems Polska, SAS Institute, Sygnity, Microsoft Polska, Polish Public Television, Motorola Solutions, AVIVA, HUAWEI, GTECH and GFT Poland.

Activities of UKE for the benefit of consumers

Thanks to the interventions and mediation proceedings carried out by the President of UKE, in 2014 the Office recovered 1 434 670,69 PLN for the consumers.

Logo UKE
Contest for MUX-8

Announcement of a contest for one general exclusive frequency licence (TV channels with 7 MHz bandwidth) in the 174-230 MHz band.

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Using Wi-Fi devices without a radio licence

The Office of Electronic Communications has received numerous inquiries recently about radio broadcasting devices or transceivers that can be used without a radio licence. The inquiries are a result of the new Ordinance of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of 12 December 2014 on radio broadcasting  devices or transceivers that can be used without a radio licence (Journal of Laws, item 1843), which came into force on 19 January 2015.

oman (2)
Visit of Omani regulator at UKE

On 25-27 February 2015 the Executive President and experts from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Sultanate of Oman paid a visit at UKE. It was held as part of bilateral collaboration between regulatory authorities of both countries, based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the President of UKE and TRA, signed in June 2014.

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