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Press releases

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Centrum Informacji Konsumenckiej UKE
Let's use services consciously

- Since we all are consumers, I would like to remind about the standards of providing telecommunications services to make everyone of us was aware of her/his rights when choosing and using telecommunications services. The care for consumer rights in legal relations with telecommunications undertakings is one of my priorities - emphasises Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE.

Prezes UKE i Sekretarz Generalny ITU
Meeting of ITU's Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG)

On 16-18 March 2016 a meeting of the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG) took place at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) headquarters in Geneva.

we can do IT
Contest for traineeships in ICT has started

Another edition of the "Contest for traineeship in ICT" for female students of the second year of studies at the minimum, was launched on 15 March 2016. The contest is the main initiative within the social campaign of the President of UKE, titled "Girls in New Technologies" and is held under honorary patronage of the First Lady of Poland, Ms Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

World Consumer Rights Day

March 15 is the World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD). The chosen date marks the day of 1962 when US President John F. Kennedy delivered a historic address to the US Congress in which he outlined four basic consumer rights: to be informed, to choose, to safety and right to be heard.

wyszukiwarka infrastruktury_znak
Broadband services search engine will facilitate citizens’ access to high-speed internet

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications launches a search engine for broadband infrastructure and services within the framework of building the information society and encourages to use it.

Results of led devices inspection

Summary of the results of the LED devices inspections conducted between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2015.

Wizyta Nkom (5)
Visit of the Director General of the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom)

On 18 February 2016 Torstein Olsen, the Director General of the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) paid a visit in Poland on the invitation of the President of UKE. Meeting of the heads of both regulators has initiated bilateral cooperation between UKE and Nkom.

Tablet i telefon
UKE inspects smartphone and tablet market

In the recent years smartphones and tablets became absolute leaders in the market of electronic devices for personal use. A significant growth in the sales of this type of devices has been noticed all over the world, including in Poland (increase by about 40% in 2014 in comparison with 2013).

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Summary description of the implementation of the Regulatory Strategy of the President of UKE for 2012-2015

According to the definition from the Strategy, the mission of the President of UKE is to provide the Polish society with access to modern telecommunications and postal services, while maintaining transparency and effective communication policy with regard to actions taken by UKE.

Logo UKE
UKE's activities for the benefit of consumers

Over 1.6 million PLN has gone to subscribers - this is how much UKE "recovered" for the consumers in 2015.

Komisja BEREC
BEREC Contact Network (CN) meeting in Cracow

The Contact Network (CN) meeting of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) took place on 4 and 5 February 2016 in Cracow.  This time the meeting was hosted by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE).

Logo UKE
The President of UKE presents a Report on number portability

Statistics of number portability in mobile networks with the use of PLI CBD system in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2015.

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Fast Internet everywhere

The President of UKE issued 19 general exclusive frequency licences allocated under the LTE auction.

President of UKE presents a research report the quality of mobile phone services

We are at the forefront of Europe but there is still a lot to be done. The President of the Office of Electronic Communications puts mobile operators under the microscope. Results of the quality tests of mobile phone services are available.

Delegacja Ukrainy_21.01.2016 r (3)
Visit of the delegation of the Committee for Informatization and Communications of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada

Delegation of the Committee for Informatization and Communications of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament), with its Chairman Mr Oleksandr Danchenko, paid a visit in Poland at the invitation of the President of UKE.

Tablet i telefon
Safety of the electronic communications in cyberspace (mobile devices)

The President of UKE publishes a "Guide for the safe use of mobile devices connected to the Internet".

Globus i kable sieciowe (słońce)
Entrepreneurs to provide facilities for people with disabilities

The evaluation of the provision of facilities for disabled users by providers of publicly available telephone services.

Nie oddzwaniaj_znak
The President of UKE warns: beware of incoming calls from African numbers

The Office of Electronic Communications receives information from the subscribers and telecommunication companies on the severity of the phenomenon of missed calls from unknown numbers or the so-called ‘dead calls’.

The Ordinance ensuring smooth operation of the new PLI CBD functionality has been in force since 1 January

Porting a number to another telecommunications service provider and easier location of subscriber calling for help – these are the changes introduced by the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers on the organisation and functioning of the system collecting and sharing information and data from telecommunications service providers.

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    The President of the Office of Electronic Communications (President of UKE) is the national regulatory authority for the market of telecommunications and postal services. The President of UKE is also the specialised authority in the area of equipment conformity assessment, including telecommunications terminal equipment and radio equipment.

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    Here you can find information about the most import ant international events, significant for the development of telecommunications and postal markets In Poland and for the statutory activity of the Office of Electronic Communications.
    International activity of the President of UKE consists of, inter alia, cooperation with the European Commission, other EU institutions and Regulatory Authorities of EU Member State. It includes also the cooperation within organizations of which UKE is a member, i.e. the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Body for European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP).

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