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Agreement on cooperation between UKE and URE

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On 14 October, an agreement for elimination of barriers to investment projects in the telecommunications and energy sectors was concluded between Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications and Marek Woszczyk, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.


An overriding objective of the agreement is to fulfil the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe and the EU Directives, i.e. identification of barriers in the telecommunications and energy markets, followed by measures taken in order to remove them. The agreement will constitute a cooperation platform in four areas:

1) regulatory policy,
2) detailed issues and technical inter-sector regulations,
3) legislation,
4) external cooperation.

The Agreement documentation contains numerous detailed assumptions for the implementation of identified issues of common interest between UKE and URE, such as identification of interdependencies between the energy and telecommunications markets with respect to the provision of services, identification of barriers to telecommunications and energy investment projects and measures necessary to remove them, outline of a concept for common investment projects in energy and telecommunications networks as well as cooperation with business chambers and consumer organizations.

- We want to come up together with the proposals for necessary amendments to the energy and telecommunications law which are needed in order to support joint investment projects of companies in the two sectors - the President of UKE Magdalena Gaj stressed. - From the perspective of fulfilment of the Digital Agenda targets it is very important to specify the principles of mutual provision of information on planned investment projects, as well as to define the terms and conditions for access to the developed and existing infrastructure - President Gaj added.

- The development of a consistent regulatory policy of both authorities will rationalize the operation of the two sectors - notes the President of URE Marek Woszczyk. - Common preparation and implementation of investment projects by companies in the energy and ICT sectors will bring positive effects in the form of reduced costs of the digitization process whose ultimate beneficiary is the customer - recipient of the energy and ICT media.

As regards details and technical issues the Agreement provides for:

•    support to energy companies by telecommunications undertakings in the area of ICT functionalities,
•    ensuring electronic communication between electricity meters and remote measurement and billing system devices,
•    access of telecommunications undertakings to passive infrastructure and immovable property of energy companies,
•    possibility to sell energy services by the telecommunications undertakings.

The agreement gives the two institutions the grounds to establish ad hoc task force teams and to organize joint conference events, workshops and information campaigns. Within the framework of cooperation a Steering Committee will be established, composed of representatives from each institution.

The Agreement enters into force on the day of its signature.

* * *

The Office of Electronic Communications and the Energy Regulatory Office have been cooperating before within the framework of Memorandum on counteracting the theft and devastation of infrastructure, which was concluded on 23 August 2012 together with the Office of Railway Transportation and representative of companies, business chambers and social organizations.

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