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Analysis of the price of mobile internet service – as of 30 September 2014

Subject of the study is the analysis of the price of mobile internet service in Poland, comparing average monthly costs incurred by user and the actual rates for the transfer of 1 GB data.


The analysis took into account five (in case of post-paid offers) and four (as regards pre-paid offers) entrepreneurs offering mobile internet. Chosen operators were the biggest entities active on this market at the end of 2013. 196 tariffs, current as of 30 September 2014, were analysed within the study. Moreover, in the analysis this year’s offers were compared with the last year’s ones taken into consideration in the UKE analysis of March 2013.

The main conclusions of the analysis:

Subscription offers for individual customers

In 2014 only one operator offered a tariff with a data transfer below 2 GB (T-Mobile). Furthermore, the number of services from the highest range has grown. All the analysed operators had tariffs with data transfer limits between 20 and 30 GB and above 30 GB in their offers. In the first case the rates ranged from 41,24 PLN (Play) to 62,44 PLN (T-Mobile), and in case of offers above 30 GB from 66,24 PLN (Play) to 91,11 PLN (Orange).

And important market phenomenon was the emergence of no-limit offers or offers with limits difficult to exceed for the average internet user.

With the increase of data transfer limits, the decrease of cost of 1 GB is observed. In case of the 2 GB limit it was at the level of 19,12 PLN (T-Mobile). In the highest limit range (above 30 GB) the cost of 1 GB of data was between 0,66 PLN (Play) and 2,60 PLN (Orange).

Subscription offers for business customers

Similar to the case of individual clients’ offers, also in the case of business customers there are less and less available tariffs within the up to 2 GB range. Only Orange and T-Mobile offered such a service.

All the operators provided their users with a possibility to purchase tariffs with limits between 20 and 30 GB and above 30 GB. The lowest rate for the mobile internet service in the first range was offered by Play (44,26 PLN) and the highest by T-Mobile (68,88 PLN). In case of offers with the limit above 30 GB the prices ranged between 44,26 PLN (Play) and 113,16 PLN (T-Mobile).

The above-mentioned operators offered the most favourable tariffs as regards the cost of 1 GB in the highest ranges of data transfer. In case of offers with the limit above 30 GB it was only 1,26 PLN (Play) and 1,13 PLN (T-Mobile).

Pre-paid offers

The difference between the lowest and the highest minimum costs incurred within the pre-paid offers was 10 PLN.  Pre-paid users had to pay between 18,55 PLN (T-Mobile) and 28,57 PLN (Plus) for the mobile internet service.

The offers were differentiated as regards rates for 1 GB. The lowest costs were incurred by Plus users (3,86 PLN), and the highest by Orange users (25,86 PLN).

Changes in price

The fall in prices on the market of mobile internet services is visible in case of both offers for individual and business customers. Only in two data limit ranges (up to 2 GB, and between 10 and 15 GB) the Internet rates for individual users grew.

The biggest fall in prices concerned the tariffs from the range between 5 and 10 GB (41%) in case of individual subscribers, and offers with limit above 30 GB (38%) for business users.

Diagram 1. Arithmetic mean of monthly cost of service for individual customers and the percentage change in prices in the analysed period.


Diagram 2. Arithmetic mean of monthly cost of service for business customers and the percentage fall in prices in the analysed period.

The average costs incurred by the pre-paid customers also fell in comparison with 2013. In the previous year the service cost was on average 26 PLN. Currently the price is lower - 24 PLN. 

Diagram 3. Minimum average monthly cost of mobile Internet service in pre-paid offers.

The full analysis is available in Polish.
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