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BIG DATA Congress

Konferencja BIG DATA
BIG DATA Congress, where one of the most important business topics was discussed, i.e. possibility to use various unstructured data, was held in Westin Warsaw Hotel on 20-21 April 2016.  


Currently information constitutes the most basic, and at the same time main resource that guarantees functioning and development of a modern company. Utilisation of the potential that lies in combining data from many different sources is the key to the company’s success. It also raises its competitiveness in the constantly changing business environment. The strategic element of building competence advantage is data gathering and processing, cross-sectoral data exchange as well as drawing conclusions from Big Data Volume.

How to acquire data?    Where to obtain them? How to analyse them in an optimal way? Lastly, how to efficiently implement and use the conclusions drawn from the analysis? The key to solving all these and many other problems is BIG DATA:  Think Big CEE Congress.

BIG DATA:  Think Big CEE Congress is an answer to one of the most important business subjects in the region – that is the possibility of using different unstructured data. Big Data Volumes are the main challenge for many key company’s divisions, for example marketing, finance, and sales. The possibility to confront the entire complexity of the Big Data problems is the biggest added value of the Congress. The event is a unique and prestigious meeting of key representatives of, among others, financial, telecommunication and media, IT, retail, e-commerce markets and government.  It is a strategic and neutral platform for discussion, exchange of opinions and experiences.  The Congress is also a perfect opportunity to establish and strengthen business relations for all those who want to set new directions for development.

Subjects touched during the Congress focused on using data about clients in order to prepare the most fitting offer, especially in the light of pros and cons of using recently devised solutions.  Case studies, post-implementation analyses, as well as new strategies, and benchmarks were presented during the discussion.  Thanks to the universal nature of the presented topics, solutions recommended during the discussions can be implemented in many companies with success.

Discussions in the panel Barriers and challenges in the context of applying Big Data solutions concerned elimination of formal barriers in the context of commercial data exchange, protection of personal data according to the latest legal conditions, how legislators deal with technological innovations that lie outside the existing regulations, how to ensure the highest standards of conformity, control and data protection, European and national institutions which regulates the protection of personal data and the identity of the digital society.

Lidia Kozłowska, the Deputy President of UKE, who participated in the panel, spoke among others about the concept of privacy on the network, the need to have a possibility to block unrequited information, ethics of data processing companies and the need to introduce legal regulations protecting personal data on the Internet.

In the discussion panels congress participants exchanged also their views on the following topics:
  • Challenges and threats facing the data exchange in the context of cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • From Dark Data to Big Data in the context of cross-sectoral data exchange
  • How Big Data is changing the business – intelligent machines and devices
  • Prospect of the development of Big Data & Programmatic Marketing
  • Small Big Data. Large Volumes of Data – a tool not only for the biggest?
Detailed information is available on the HYPERLINK "" Congress' website
We encourage you to see the  Congress Photo Gallery.

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