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"Broadband at investment forefront" Conference

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Exchange of experience and information in the area of broadband roll-out is the main objective of the National Broadband Forum conference, which was held on 23 October in Warsaw as part of information and advisory meetings within the SIPS project.


The conference under the motto: "Broadband at investment forefront" was inaugurated by Magdalena Gaj, President of the Office of Electronic Communications and Małgorzata Olszewska, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Administration and Digitization.

At the beginning, the President of UKE Magdalena Gaj has stressed that we are in the implementation stage of regional broadband networks co-funded from the European budget and it is important to reflect now how we are going to manage these networks when they are ready. Well-built telecommunications infrastructure may serve even up to 50 years and be used to offer services in the newest technologies.

The President of UKE also reminded of the importance of telecommunications undertakings' and local government authorities' reporting on their network investment projects. The data from these stakeholders forms the basis for telecommunications network inventory in Poland which has been conducted for 3 years by UKE. The inventory is an important tool which allows the implementing authority to more accurately direct financial resources to investment projects in areas where they are most needed due to gaps in telecommunications infrastructure.

On-going consultations on the Digital Poland Operational Programme and the issue of how to effectively use the resources from the future financial perspective also provide a good opportunity for discussion during the National Broadband Forum - the President of UKE Magdalena Gaj added.

The conference programme also included presentation on the coverage of Poland with telecommunications infrastructure. The Report of UKE is a unique in Poland set of data presenting the status of telecommunications infrastructure with accuracy to one building. Many companies at the investment preparatory stage use the SIIS database which is also presented as a map on the Broadband Poland portal.

The President of UKE attaches great importance to the inventory which is part of the regulatory strategy until 2015. Moreover, the SIIP database was included in the Digital Poland Operational Programme and supports analytical studies on broadband roll-out in Poland.

During the subsequent part of the conference results of consultations on the draft position of the President of UKE on the implementation of obligations imposed on owners, real property managers and perpetual usufructuaries to ensure access to real property for telecommunications undertakings (Article 30 of the mega-law) were presented. The participants to the consultation presented their positions which were close to most proposals of the President of UKE. UKE needs to decide on comments concerning the rental costs of space that is necessary to ensure telecommunications in the building, detailed provisions on economic non-viability or technical impossibility to launch an investment project as well as legalising the existing in-house infrastructure by means of a decision of the President of UKE. Those issues will be presented in the final version of the position of the President of UKE on Article 30 of the mega-law.

The National Broadband Forum is normally attended by representatives of central-level administration and local government authorities, telecommunications operators and consultancies involved in broadband roll-out projects.


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