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Broadband services search engine will facilitate citizens’ access to high-speed internet

wyszukiwarka infrastruktury_znak
The President of the Office of Electronic Communications launches a search engine for broadband infrastructure and services within the framework of building the information society and encourages to use it.


- Thanks to the search engine every one of us has the possibility to check whether broadband services are available in our place of residence or other interesting location. We can check what kind of services there are and who the provider is. It is a quantum leap towards building the information society - said Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE.
The search engine is a great and easy way to check which broadband services are available at a given place and which operators are providing them. To obtain search results one only has to enter search address and apply simple filters. Each result is visualised on a map, which gives a citizen a possibility to verify the searched address.

Speaking about the functionality of the search engine Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE, adds: - The search engine is a great feature to combine digital expectations of Poles with investment plans and services provided by the telecommunications entrepreneurs. This is how modern technologies find their place in the every-day life of citizens. The search engine is the best example of using it in practice.

With the use of the search engine anybody who is interested in additional services, other than these available in her/his place of residence, or in higher-speed broadband services can fill out a dedicated request form. Information collected this way will be used to prepare maps showing Poles' needs as regards telecommunications services that will be published and could ultimately become a stimulus for the operators to take Poles' expectations into account in their investment plans.

- This tool was created thanks to the inventory of telecommunications infrastructure in Poland that has been conducted for several years by the President of UKE. I am glad that the information collected by the Office could be used to develop such a practical tool for every citizen - says President Gaj.

The search engine also provides for visualization of information interesting for the telecommunications entrepreneurs, such as nodes, lines, collocations and BTS stations.

The broadband services search engine:
  • was intended for every user of broadband services and for operators thanks to whom Poles have access to such services;
  • has simple and user-friendly interface thanks to which every Pole - including elderly people and people with fewer digital skills - can use it without any problem;
  • has a build-in glossary of the names of cities and streets, which allows for precise location of the searched address;
  • has a very important functionality i.e. the possibility to notify demand for additional services or higher speeds.

The search engine is available on the UKE website and in the Broadband Poland portal.
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