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Bundled services market


Bundled services (packages) enjoy unflagging popularity of consumers, which has a direct impact on the marketing activities of telecommunications companies. We present a report on the analysis of bundled services in Poland and the European Union, their prices and the extent of use by consumers.


A bundled service is the sale of two or more products in one package, in the so-called "clean" or "mixed" form. The first case concerns a situation where products are sold only together, and consumers are not able to buy only one of them. An example are thematic TV packages, which are available only to subscribers of basic TV services.

The mixed form occurs when there is a separate market for individual elements of the offer, and buyers can purchase each product separately. This model sometimes includes concurrently:

  • bundle pricing - the price of a package of several products is lower than their separate purchase
  • product bundling - integration of two or more products, so that consumers obtain additional benefits, such as one bill, one customer service line etc.

In Poland at the end of 2011, bundled services were used by over 2.6 million people, that is 23.5% more than in 2010. The most popular variant among consumers was double play combining cable television and the Internet, and operators offered the largest selection of options for a package of three services.

The acquisition of triple play subscribers is part of the sales strategy of operators, a way to cope with decreasing demand for voice services and a field to compete with other suppliers. Therefore, they encourage new customers with affordable prices, high bandwidth rates, enhanced television packages and tariff plans with free minutes and low charges for calls.

The attached document contains an analysis of the costs of the three most popular packages: "Internet + TV", "Internet + TV + fixed-line phone" and "Internet + fixed-line phone." The analysis  was based on a price database developed for the purposes of the study, based on current pricing as at 16.08.2012. 

The analysis includes the offers of seven operators with the largest shares in the bundled services market in terms of number their customers:

  • Multimedia Polska S.A.
  • Netia S.A.
  • Orange Polska (Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.)
  • Telefonia Dialog Sp. z o.o.
  • Toya Sp. z o.o.
  • UPC Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Vectra S.A.

Most of the packages available on the market are provided in the fixed-term option, usually for two years. The purchase of the "Internet + fixed-line phone" package costs about PLN 105 per month, and in the case of "Internet + TV" it is about PLN 120, and the "Internet + TV + fixed-line phone " package costs PLN 130.

According to a consumer survey commissioned by the Office of Electronic Communications, about 60% of the respondents said that their average monthly fee for a package exceeded PLN 100.

Full text of the analysis is available in Polish.


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