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Certificates awarded by the President of UKE

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Certificates awarded by the President of UKE
Orange Polska, T-Mobile Polska, Aero2 and PANWYBIERAK.PL are winners of this year's edition of the Certificates of the President of UKE.


From among the entrepreneurs who have participated in this edition of the program, the President of UKE Marcin Cichy selected the winners in each category:
  • Safe Internet: Orange Polska S.A., and T-Mobile Polska S.A.,
  • Senior: Aero2 Sp. z o.o.,
  • Junior: Orange Polska S.A.,
  • Offer Comparison Website: PANWYBIERAK.PL Sp. z o.o.
Obligations of the winners of the Certificate of the President of UKE for 2017 are as follows:
  • Orange Polska S.A. and T-Mobile Polska S.A. will provide internet access services in the Safe Internet category, providing its users with the highest level of security.
  • Aero2 Sp. z o.o. will provide telecommunication services in the Senior category, by promoting equal opportunities and increasing the activity of elderly people in access to telecommunications services.
  • Orange Polska S.A. will provide telecommunications services in the Junior category, providing permanent Internet protection for children and auto-lock option for premium services.
  • PANWYBIERAK.PL Sp. z o.o. will provide the possibility to compare offers of telecommunications services on the website panwybierak.pl.
Safe Internet Certificate

is awarded to companies that provide users, especially children and adolescents, the highest level of security.

Entities applying for a certificate in the Safe Internet category commit to:
  • organise educational events at schools, focusing on threats and violence on the Internet,
  • provide users with instructions regarding safety on the internet,
  • provide users with a separate email address under which consumers will be able to obtain basic information on the safe use of the internet as well as the contact details of support agencies for victims of violence on the network and internet crimes,
  • provide free-of-charge tools to protect and restrict access to adult content for children and minors − filter, antivirus, and antispam programs,
  • provide users with information about the legal consequences in case of violation of personal rights by publishing content that is accusing, deriding and degrading groups and individuals because of national, racial, ethnic or religious identity, as well as gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Senior Certificate

 is awarded to companies ensuring equal opportunities for elderly people in access to telecommunications services.

Entities applying for a certificate in the Senior category commit to:
  • create a special offer for customers aged 50+,
  • provide information on commercially available telephones designed for seniors,
  • establish a technical hotline,
  • provide training in the use of telecommunications services,
  • provide access to the Senior Handbook,
  • allow the blocking of Premium Rate services via a specially dedicated hotline,
  • provide “try before you buy” opportunities for services dedicated to seniors.

Junior Certificate

 is awarded to companies for services protecting the youngest users in terms of Premium Rate services and access to inappropriate content.

Entities applying for a certificate in the Junior category commit to:
  • offer free and automatic blocking of Premium Rate numbers and access to inappropriate content,
  • provide users with access to guidebooks regarding the protection of minors from access to inappropriate content and Premium Rate services,
  • organise educational meetings for children and caregivers concerning threats on the internet and the safe use of telecommunications services,
  • establish a telephone and/or electronic contact point for children, parents and carers to report irregularities and threats on the internet.

Offer Comparison Website Certificate

 is awarded to Internet services enabling comparison of telecommunications services.

Entities applying for a certificate in the Offer Comparison Website category commit to:
  • ensure a credible and reliable comparison of offers covering television, fixed and mobile internet, fixed and mobile telephony as well as bundled services,
  • inform the President of UKE on changes in the number of providers being compared, indicating the suppliers affected by changes, and to provide details in the case of reducing the number of providers,
  • inform the President of UKE of new functionalities of the service, dates and updates made, and changes in the rules of the service, if any.

The Certificates of the President of UKE awarded since 2009 are the quality mark for telecommunications companies, which is recognisable among subscribers.

Businesses awarded the Certificate undertake to maintain a policy of equal and effective competition in the telecommunications market and provide users with effective protection against fraud.

The implementation of the Certificate of the President of UKE programme encourages entrepreneurs to create special safe offers dedicated to youngest consumers and to the elderly. It affects the participation of digitally excluded people, resulting in increased demand for telecommunications services.

The Certification Program is an important element in the area of pro-consumer policy of the President of UKE and will be pursued, as emphasised by President Cichy during a meeting with the winners.

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