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Counteracting telecommunications cables thefts


The President of UKE is preparing an action plan to support the activity of telecommunications operators with regard to eliminating the problems arising from thefts of telecommunications cables in Poland.


The Office of Electronic Communications, meeting the expectations of the market as to ensuring the reliability of telecommunications services, is preparing an action plan to support telecommunications operators in their activity with regard to eliminating the problems arising from thefts of telecommunications cables in Poland.

The effects and consequences resulting from the thefts and destruction of telecommunications infrastructure on a national scale have reached the level which calls for taking the necessary measures to eliminate the existing pathologies.

In recent years we have observed increased thefts of telecommunications cables, resulting in a loss of possibilities to use telecommunications services or to contact emergency services.
In 2010, only in case of a fixed telecommunications network of Telekomunikacja Polska SA over half a million subscribers were deprived of communications as a result of telecommunications cables thefts, of which 2500 affected emergency services, hospitals and educational units which were deprived of communications. After the third quarter of 2011, the number of damaged lines resulting from telecommunications cables thefts has reached nearly 400,000 subscriber lines, including over 1,900 failures in which emergency services, hospitals and educational units were deprived of communications.

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications will take necessary action in order to prevent telecommunications cables thefts, particularly in the critical areas of action referring to:

  • development and implementation of necessary legal measures,
  • support of activities undertaken by the operators preventing the thefts,
  • strengthening cooperation between public law and order organizations,
  • establishment of an inter-operator programme in order to elaborate joint solutions to counteract thefts and destruction of telecommunications infrastructure,
  • raising awareness and social sensitivity to react against crime, particularly against thefts of operators' property,
  • supporting law enforcement authorities in fighting pathologies.

In the nearest future we are planning to:

  1. invite fixed-line operators to cooperate within an expert team in order to develop a detailed action plan - November 2011.
  2. consult with relevant authorities in the scope of possible legislative changes, including in provisions governing the marketing of waste, particularly non-ferrous metal scrap, as well as with regard to increased effectiveness of sanctions and their enforcement - first quarter 2012.
  3. develop an action programme to raise social sensitivity to crimes consisting in thefts of operators' property - continuous activities.
  4. publish on the website of the Office of Electronic Communications the key activities in the area of combating thefts of telecommunications operators property - November 2011


In the current economic situation and given the social risks that result from the thefts of telecommunications infrastructure, it is necessary to take necessary action with the participation of all interested state institutions,  operators, and the society, to stop the pathologies.

We invite interested parties to cooperate and report any problems to the mailbox

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