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Joint efforts of UKE, TVP and EmiTel result in no problems with receiving DTT signal


Measurements and analyses carried out by the Office of Electronic Communications in relation to the conditions of DTT reception were valuable both for the public broadcaster and for the technical operator (EmiTel). UKE, TVP and EmiTel using the results of measurements, prepared a package of measures to facilitate the distribution of DTT signal even in areas regarded as potentially difficult in terms of normal reception.



On 28 November, the residents of Tri-City and Poznań will enter the era of full digitalization of terrestrial TV. But not only them will enjoy the high-quality digital TV. Access to attractive programme offers will be provided to the residents of the following provinces: Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Dolnośląskie.

Activities of UKE, TVP and EmiTel aimed at improving the reception of TV signal in areas covered by the second stage of the analogue signal switch-off.

On 28 November, when the analogue signal is switched off, thanks to frequency changes and increased height of a transmission antenna in Chwaszczyno the residents of Pomorskie province will be able to enjoy better conditions to receive digital TV signal. In addition, on 28 November a new transmitter will be launched in Szymbark supported by a relay Wejherowo. These two devices will provide better reception of TV signals for residents of: Żarnowiec, Sulęczyno, Lipusz, Plocica, Studzienice, Stężyca, Szymbark, Zamostne and Wejherowo.

Residents of towns and villages located in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province, where UKE tests have shown potential problems with the reception of DTT signal will be able to receive analogue signal from transmitters in Olsztyn (until 17.06.2013, villages: Piławki, Bagieńsko, Faltyjanki) and Elblag (until 19.03. 2013, villages: Nowe Sadłuki, Krzywiec, Narusa). These towns and villages will not lose the possibility of receiving TV signal. However, in these locations it will be recommended to direct antennas towards Olsztyn and Elblag.

A similar situation will occur in Sławica located in Wielkopolskie Province, where analogue signal will be available until a digital transmitter is launched in Gniezno/Chojna, i.e. until 20.05.2013. In this case, it will be necessary to direct the antennas towards Piła.

The success of the first stage

Providing good conditions for receiving digital TV signal in Lubuskie would not be possible without using the results of measurements carried out by UKE. The success results from joint efforts of UKE, the public broadcaster, EmiTel (technical operator) and Lubuskie Provincial Office together with local authorities.

A few months before the switch-off of the first analogue transmitters, the Office of Electronic Communications conducted field measurements, which confirmed that terrestrial TV signal is available in almost the entire area of the Lubuskie Province, covered by the first stage of the analogue signal switch-off. Tests and simulations performed by UKE indicated potential problems with signal reception in the following locations: Lipki Wielkie and Goszczanowo. The problems were solved by increasing the transmitter power in Gorzow Wielkopolski (up to 4 kW). This provided a good level of DTT signal in the whole area included in the first stage of analogue switch-off.

The process of implementing the second stage of analogue switch-off is monitored in each province by the services of a competent governor. Regional offices of UKE participate in the work of special teams assigned to support the process in every province. Mobile measurement stations are operating in a shift mode and a dedicated telephone helpline has been launched for users that want to ask questions concerning the conditions of receiving digital TV signal. Specialists from UKE regional offices are ready to provide assistance in case of problems with the reception of TV signals.

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