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KPI quarterly report


This is an analysis of the report of Telekomunikacja Polska SA on fulfilment of the Agreement between TP and the President of UKE.


The President of UKE submits an analysis of a quarterly report of Telekomunikacja Polska SA on fulfilment of the Agreement between TP and the President of UKE. The analysis of the KPI quarterly report (Q3 2010) aims at assessing the level of fulfilment of the provisions of the Agreement TP - UKE by analyzing the achieved values of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs are key effectiveness indicators relating to the fulfilment of business processes by TP SA used to monitor the provisions of the Agreement. KPIs measure the level of business process services amongst which the most important one is the provision of whole services to alternative operators and the equivalence of efficiency of processes provided to alternative operators and by the retail part of TP SA. Additionally TP SA reports on individual KPI indicators for each alternative operator to which it provides wholesale services.

The analysis of the Q3 2010 KPI quarterly report indicates that the average of all indicators is approximately 95%. The growing trend potentially leading to a reference level of 100% is invisible. WLR and BSA wholesale markets are developing slowly (BSA has decreased its growth dynamics since April) while LLU increased its growth dynamics again in the 3rd quarter. WLR and BSA services in the last quarter exhibited weaker KPI values than before (mainly with regard to average timeliness and the number of damages) while the LLU service reached 100% of average timeliness and does not exhibit an excessive number of damages per 100 lines. A comparison of average indicators for non-discrimination of wholesale and retail shows discriminatory treatment of AO (alternative operators) when compared with the retail part of TP in June, August and September (out of 7 months analysed). The problems to observe the non-discrimination principle mainly refer to the BSA service and especially BSA of the highest speed (in this case, discrimination was observed in the last two quarters while the comparison of wholesale with retail indicates considerable differences). Indicators aggregating individual KPI values for each operator show discriminatory treatment of Netia as compared with other key operators (PTK Centertel, PTC and Telefonia Dialog). Out of 11 months measured, Netia was serviced at a lower level than the other three operators.

The summary assessment of the three types of the non-discrimination principle for the third quarter:

  • observance of the non-discrimination principle of AO with comparison to retail TP measured by non-discrimination indicators - a negative assessment
  • observance of the equal treatment principle of AO. Netia (the largest competitor of TP in the retail market) is discriminated against as compared with other key AO - a negative assessment
  • provision of each of the three wholesale services with due carefulness; LLU has recorded improvement - a positive assessment.

The full text of the analysis was published in Polish.

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