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Magdalena Gaj, President of UKE, awarded for transition to digital terrestrial television as the "Event of the Year"

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The transition to digital terrestrial television was recognized as the “Event of the Year” in the media market in this year's edition of the Innovation Award Media Trends contest organized by the SAR Association of Marketing Communication.


The award was granted collectively to the people who played the most important role in this process: Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE, Jan Dworak, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council and Michał Boni, the Minister of Administration and Digitization.

The grand award gala was held on 7 May in the Polish Theatre in Warsaw. The contest jury stressed that the transition to digital terrestrial television provided millions of Poles with "TV of tomorrow" and introduced multifaceted changes for the advertising and media industries. Additional congratulations were extended for efficiency and professionalism of this process and the accompanying information campaign.

For the vast part of users the appearance of new channels was a sufficient reason to refrain from the existing habits and to become interested in new offers. And it is this individual decision of every viewer and the button on the remote control that started one of the biggest revolutions in the market last year. Large well-known stations had to give way to smaller ones that had not been available at homes so far. In most target groups the niche stations in total exceeded a 50% share of audience - reads the justification for the award.

The digital switch was one of the milestones in the introduction of Poland into the 'digital reality'. It resulted not only from commitments on the European level, but it also responded to users' needs for free-of-charge reception of the highest possible number of channels and consequently access to many different sources of information. It also improved competition in the broadcasting market as smaller operators were given the chance to compete through their programme and quality of offer. The process was challenging and complex, therefore I would like to thank all people and institutions, and in particular my fellow award winners for their engagement and huge work done. The fact that this achievement has been recognized as the event of the year shows that we have coped with it despite many challenges -  Magdalena Gaj comments.

The Innovation Award Media Trends contest awards any type of activity that goes beyond standard communication with the public and solutions based on innovation, achievements in science, technology and engineering. The basic evaluation criterion is the level of impact on a particular communication channel, branch or market. The "Event of the Year" category belongs to special categories along with "the Media Person of the Year" and "the Media of the Year".


The SAR Association of Marketing Communication was established in 1997. It gathers companies creating effective marketing communication, which at present stands for 96 entities – full service agencies, media houses, brand design agencies, interactive and ambient agencies. One of the SAR's major tasks is to promote and animate the advertising environment in Poland as well as to create conditions for exchanging experience and ideas between entities operating in the market.

More information about the Innovation Award Media Trends contest can be found on the website at:
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