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Mr. Władysław Moroń - Polish Representative in the International Telecommunication Union

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On October 4, 2002 the Pole - Mr. Władysław Moroń was elected a member of the Radio Regulation Board by the Plenipotentiary Conference.  The conference assembles every four years and is the highest organ of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which groups almost all countries in the world.

The Radio Regulations Board (ITU-RRB) consists of 12 elected members with high qualifications in radio-communication area, large practical experience in the field of frequencies allocation and usage. Each member has to be up-to-date with geographic, economic and demographic conditions of one particular region. Members of the Board represent five Regions of the world according to the ITU division (one of them is C Region “Central-East Europe”) and fulfill their duties independently and periodically.

The role of the Board is to authorize procedures of applying Radio Regulations and discussing problems which can arise in relation to frequency allocation and usage of spectrum.

During two previous 4-years terms of office one of the two RRB members representing C Region was also a Pole – Mr. Ryszard Strużak.

International Telecommunication Union ITU is one of the oldest international organizations with the worldwide range. The beginnings of ITU go back to an early period of telegraph communication development. ITU groups 189 member states and over 600 non-governmental telecommunication organizations. Since 1921 Poland has been an ITU member.

The Union is a voluntary association of independent countries; their representatives on governmental level take part in regular meetings and give decisions within the range of  agreed in advance regulations related to functioning of all telecommunication services.

International Telecommunication Union plays a leading role in all matters related to 21 century telecommunications on world scale in three fields of activities: 1) technical – promoting development of telecommunication devices and services and their common accessibility, 2) development – promoting telecommunication advancement in developing countries, 3) political – promoting a new, broader approach towards telecommunications and its role in economic and social development on world scale.

Władysław Moroń currently is an Advisor to the President of the Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulation. For many years he has worked for the Institute of Telecommunication in Wrocław. He has a broad knowledge and experience in the field of radio spectrum management and matters connected with electromagnetic compatibility. Since 1990 he has been participating in works of CEPT. The main focus of his activity has been the European Radiocommunication Committee in CEPT, which deals with technical and regulatory aspects of radio spectrum management.

Since 1991 he has been participating in the ITU activities, attending meetings of the Radio Advisory Group of the Radiocommunication Assembly and in the World Telecommunication Conference as a member of Polish delegation. In 1997 he was elected vice-president of  the European Radiocommunication Committee and remained on the post until the end of 2001. From 1998 to 2000 Mr. Moroń participated in works of the Special Group of the General Assembly CEPT, which carried out works connected with CEPT reorganization. From 1976 to 2000 he chaired International Symposium of Electromagnetic Compatibility. From 1963 to the 80s he participated in activities including meetings of the Organization for Cooperation in Telecommunications OSS, which was a regional organization for Eastern Europe dealing with radio spectrum and matters of electromagnetic compatibility.

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