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Postal services market in Poland - assessment of functioning


The Postal Services Council – an advisory organ to the President of the Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulation has familiarized with the assessment of functioning of postal market in the field of services quality.

URTiP’s inspections of  punctuality in delivering priority mails in national and EU countries traffic, punctuality in delivering parcels and also security of postal traffic and accessibility to services has contributed to the wider analysis of Polish postal market. The assessment was related to delivery of services by Polish Post and other operators holding licenses for postal activity in the field of courier services.

On 28 March 2003 during the meeting of the Council, the results of February 2003 punctuality inspection of postal mails delivering in traffic with EU countries were also presented. There was a significant improvement in the rate of punctuality received during the 2003 inspection (84,55%) in comparison to 2002 (26,55%) and 2001 (45,99%). The results of the inspection together with URTiP’s conclusions will be handed over to the General Director of Polish Post.

Members of the Council praised quality and scope of inspections carried out by URTiP. According to Mr. Stanisław Popiołek,  the President of the Postal Services Council, inspections carried out by URTiP are necessary for reliable and objective assessment of postal services market and effective regulatory actions.

At the meeting Mr. Emil Płodzień, the Vice-President of URTiP responsible for postal services market, presented the stance of Mr. Cezary Banasiński, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The stance is related to legislative works on governmental bill of Postal Law. In this document of 10 March 2003, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection shares concern of the President of the Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulation about the proposed changes in Postal Law. It is especially related to tendencies of marginalizing rights of regulatory organ for postal market which results in exclusion of some crucial aspects of postal activity from regulation.

According to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection certain activity of regulator is necessary on heavily monopolized markets. The regulator through  an appropriate intervention in the market will shape grounds for competition development and prevent consumer protection. The regulator shall have legal possibilities to prevent actions which would have negative influence on the market rather struggle later with results of such actions. Providing the President of the URTiP with the right to veto changes in the statute of universal postal services provision and the draft price-list seems the right way to enable proper market regulation.

At the end of the Council Meeting planned for 25 April 2003 the celebration of International Days of Direct Marketing “Boomerang” was announced.

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