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Price analysis of the broadband

Price analysis of the broadband Internet access provided by operators in their own networks and within BSA/LLU agreements.


This analysis is another one carried out with the aim of comparison of particular offers of services of access to broadband Internet provided by Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. and alternative operators. While preparing such a comparison on a semi-annual recurrent basis, the President of the UKE aims at facilitating the consumers with regard to comparison of the most popular brands.

Data concerning services of the analysed entities come from price lists published on the operators' www sites. Offers of the following operators have been discussed and compared within this analysis: TP S.A. Netia S.A., GTS Energis Sp. z o.o., Dialog Telecom S.A., UPC Polska Sp. z o.o., Vectra S.A.,Aster Sp. z o.o. and Multimedia Polska S.A. These companies are present on the country area covering a significant number of people, hence comparison of their offers should be of help the largest number of clients possible. However, it should be stressed at the very beginning that there are approximately 3,500 local Internet service providers (local ISP) operating is Poland whose offer may be a profitable alternative for promotional offers described in this operators' analysis.

Since even several hundred small operators may be found in each province, a person who intents to purchase an Internet access service should be interested also in the local offer which can often enough be better suited for their needs. In order to help connect the local demand and supply for broadband services, the President of the UKE has made demand maps for fixed line broadband Internet (referred also as white spot maps, reach maps, available at the www site: These maps are intended to help all those interested to obtain detailed information on the possibilities of access to fixed line broadband Internet on there are of residence, approach the offer of the local ISP to potential clients, as well as to serve the operators themselves for recognizing the level of the demand for these services and undertaking investment processes on the areas where demand is communicated.

Observing the offers of the largest (in terms of the number of users and reach) operators, one may notice that they provide end users with Internet network access services on quite similar conditions. At present, applying significant price discounts or suspending payments for several months is a standard, following which there comes a chargeable period or an increase in the licence fee. Nearly all operators which have started provision of a broadband service apply the same periods of agreement validity, i.e. 12, 24 and 36 months or for an indefinite period, and offer services with the same 512 kbit/s, 1 Mbit/s, 2 Mbit/s and 6 Mbit/s bandwidth parameters. Netia S.A. and cable television operators: Aster Sp. z o.o. and UPC Sp. z o.o. offering other intermediate bandwidths, from 756 kbit/s to 20 Mbit/s, are exceptions. Unless otherwise provided, the offers of particular operators presented in the further part of the analysis were valid as of 3 April 2009.

In order to satisfy the clients' versatile expectations operators offer their services in numerous options, owing to which one may find on the market offers from 128 kbit/s to 20 Mbit/s for more demanding users wishing to take advantage of many additional services, such as IP television, fast downloading option or multimedia file exchange. At present, double and triple play services which are ceasing to be a domain of cable television operators are becoming increasingly popular.

Within their own network structure, alternative operators have much bigger possibilities of creating an offer which would most completely satisfy the clients' requirements. As the below analysis indicates these operators' prices are lower than the current promotion of TP S.A.: "Bezpieczny Internet" (Safe Internet) by 4 up to 46%.

Owing to the BSA and LLU reference offer's functioning, alternative operators have also the possibility of reaching clients who are not directly connected to their network. Also in this area companies try to make their services more attractive in relation to the incumbent operator, whereas a client applying at such an operator may count on a price lower than the current promotional offer of TP S.A.: ""Bezpieczny Internet" (Safe Internet) by 4 up to 25%.

As results from the below analysis, prices in Poland are one of the lowest in Europe. Nevertheless, a survey carried out by Indicator upon the UKE's commission shows that Polish people still consider Internet access service expensive. The average amount which respondents quoted as acceptable was PLN 52 and oscillated around the price for Internet access of 1 Mbit/s bit rate.

Below, the current offers of particular operators providing access to Internet network using their own connections have been juxtaposed in part 1, whereas part 3 analyzes the offers of operators provided based on a BSA and LLU wholesale service, hence services which are provided by alternative operators based on, however, the network of TP S.A. Calculations demonstrating the degree by which these offers differ from the offer of incumbent operator have been presented in the second and fourth parts. At the end of the analysis, prices of the Internet network access in Poland and in the other EU countries have been presented.


Please find below atached Polish version of mentioned report.


Only Polish version is legaly binding, the English one serves only for information purposes.

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