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Report of the President of UKE on the state of the postal market in Poland, according to data for 2015

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Report of the President of UKE on the state of the postal market in Poland, according to data for 2015.


The President of the Office of Electronic Communications presents the Report on the state of the postal market in Poland in 2015, drawn up in accordance with Article 43 (6) of the Postal Law Act of 23 November 2012 (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1529 as amended) on the basis of information obtained from postal operators under Article 44 (1) and (2) of that Act.

Liberalisation of the Polish postal market, which has been conducted in the recent years, ensured freedom of establishment to all entrepreneurs interested in providing postal services. Lack of barriers to access the marker increased competition between operators, fostering development of particular segments of the postal market.

As of the end of 2015, 289 entities were included in the register of postal operators. 167 postal operators conducted business activity in the field of postal services provision.

In 2015 the total revenue of postal market amounted to PLN 7.7 billion. It was another year of increase of postal market revenue. Compared to 2014, the revenue level grew by more than 2.6%.

Increase of the total revenue from postal services resulted mostly from the increase of revenue from cross-border services. Between 2013 and 2015 revenues in this segment grew by almost PLN 350 million. Such a significant increase in revenue from cross-border services can be explained by an increase of services provided within the courier services sector, where prices are higher than in case of other services.  

Both volume of provided services and revenues are different in particular segments of the postal market. The highest number of services was provided in the segment of services included in the universal services (42.06% of all services); whereas the highest revenues were generated by the courier services segment (41.84% of total revenue). In reference to the universal services, there was a decrease noted both in terms of their number - by 9.03% - and revenues, by 9.30%.

The number of letter items in the total number of services has been dropping systematically. In 2015 operators provided by 1.09% less of such services than in 2014.

In the years 2013-2015 revenues from courier services increased by 37.82% and amounted to a value similar to the revenue from letter items, i.e. about PLN 3.2 billion. If the trends continue in both cases, in 2016 revenues from courier services may - thanks to  increasing customer interest in e-commerce, which resulted in an increase in the number of postal parcels - reach a much higher level, higher that the letter item delivery.

Despite the decrease in the number of sent letter items, Polish postal market is still an economic area with growth prospects, and at the same time increasing competition. It is estimated that the courier parcel services segment will be growing in the near future, even by 20% per year, mostly thanks to the dynamic development of e-commerce.

In the coming years the position of postal operators will depend on their technical and organisational potential enabling them to provide a comprehensive service, their ability to respond to the challenges created by the digital communications and e-commerce, as well as to the growing expectations of consumers.
The full text of the report decision is available in the attached file.
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