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Telecommunications market after 2015 – a report

Globus i kable sieciowe (słońce)
Telecommunications market after 2015 in the context of public investments implemented by the local self-government units (LSGU) with the use of EU funds under the deployment of Regional Broadband Networks (RBN).


The President of UKE presents a report describing economic, regulatory and legal aspects of Regional Broadband Networks’ (RBN) operations and indicating the direction of changes in the provision of broadband access services by the local self-government units (LSGU) after 2015.

The direction of LSGU’s telecommunication activity was defined by the European Commission (on 19 May 2010) in the Digital Agenda for Europe. Introduction of the so-called Mega-law in Poland in May 2010 and the increase of public subsidy have contributed to the implementation of investment activities by LSGU, targeted at the use of available sources of financing. Implementation of infrastructure investments aims i.a. at the increase of interest in broadband services among the population of the region, improvement of the image and attractiveness of the region, as well as increase in employment and wages.

Since 2007 the programs of RSS deployment with the support of public funds were launched in 14 voivodeships. They mostly concentrate on the rural areas, which is particularly important in reference to reducing the risk of digital exclusion. Currently all projects are at the construction stage. According to the assumptions of the previous EU budgetary perspective, the construction of all projects co-financed from the public funds should be finalised in 2015, and in the subsequent years completed projects will be in the operating phase.

The report explains economic aspects, as well as legal and regulatory conditions of RBN functioning. The study analyses the operational models of cooperation between public and private sectors possible to implement and defines relevant markets that will be influenced by the broadband networks with the participation of LSGU. Binging provisions of the law and EC decisions notifying public aid for the implementation of RBN were subject to interpretation. Regulatory obligations of RBN’s owners and operators were indicated, as well as areas requiring changes or introduction of LSGU’s activity regulation. Opinions of self-governments representatives and operators of access networks on the LSGU’s participation in the provision of free access to the internet were collected.

The presented report contains important information and analysis as regards the scope of regional broadband networks’ influence on the telecommunications market, describes how the telecommunications activity and services provided by LSGU shall be regarded to ensure its proper implementation and not lead to any disturbance of market functioning. The report is an important source of knowledge for both regulator and market participants during the subsequent stages of RBN implementation.

The complete report is available in the Polish language.

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