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Telecommunications market in Poland in 2010


Consumer survey report - individual and institutional clients.


This is a report on a consumer survey "Telecommunications market in Poland in 2010. Individual and institutional clients" commissioned by the Office of Electronic Communications. It consists of two parts:

  • The part on individual clients prepared by PBS DGA Sp. z o.o.
  • The part on institutional clients prepared by CBM INDICATOR Sp. z o.o.

The main idea behind the survey was to infer the opinions of individual and business clients on the functioning of the telecom service market and to assess clients' preferences. Detailed survey goals were defined in the area of:
1. fixed telephony,
2. mobile telephony,
3. Internet access,
4. the scope of TV reception,
5. general assessment of the telecom market,
6. basic information on survey participants (education, employment, income).
The survey with participation of individual clients was conducted from 22 to 30 November 2010 on a nationwide basis. The survey sample N=1600 comprised 1600 interviews.

The survey with participation of institutional clients was conducted from 17 to 25 November 2010. It was based on a randomly selected, representative group of companies. The survey sample N=400 comprised 400 interviews.

Conclusions on individual clients
Survey results indicate a high degree of telecommunications services saturation. A decisive majority of respondents possess a telephone (94,4%), regardless of technology used for this purpose. 32,6% of respondents posses both a fixed and mobile telephone. Slightly over half of those interviewed use only a mobile phone. Every tenth person possesses only a fixed phone. Only 5,6% of survey participants do not possess any phone.


  • In 2010 43,1% of Poles declared owning a fixed phone in their own household.
  • Telekomunikacja Polska recorded the highest rate of spontaneous awareness (94,2%) out of all fixed telephony operators. The second well known operator is Netia, mentioned by over half of interviewees (53,1%). Telefonia Dialog is the next recognizable provider, indicated by a quarter of respondents (24,2%).
  • Telekomunikacja Polska tops the ranking as far as the number of subscribers is concerned. It is the primary operator for 67,9% of respondents who possess a fixed phone. None of the other operators exceeds the 13% threshold.
  • Survey results show considerably high client satisfaction as far as services of fixed operators are concerned. Average ratings are: TP - 3,9 while Dialog and Netia - 4,0 each (on a 5 point satisfaction scale).
  • The main reason for not possessing a fixed phone, according to the respondents, was the fact that they used a mobile phone (70%). There was also a price factor mentioned: 28,3% of those not having a fixed phone declare it is too expensive.
  • The average monthly payment for a fixed phone in a household is around 65,7 PLN. The largest group of fixed telephone owners are those whose monthly bills range from 51 to 100 PLN (45,4%).
  • 84,0% of Poles declare owning a mobile phone. Thus, the saturation of individual market by a mobile telephony service exceeds the saturation by a fixed telephony service by 43 percentage points.
  • Spontaneous awareness of the three largest mobile telephony brands is similar: Era (82,8%), Orange (81,1%) and Plus (77,7%). Over half of respondents know the mobile operator Play (61,2%).
  • Interviewees most often use the services of the Orange network operator - 37,5%. A large proportion of those surveyed possess a mobile phone in Era (33,1%) and Plus (24,6%) networks.
  • Voice calls are the most frequently used form of communication in mobile telephony. 85,2% of respondents rank them first. SMS is also a popular form of communication, used by mobile phone owners. 16,3% rank them first. MMS and data transmission is still hardly popular. It is used by 0,8% of respondents.
  • The total average monthly payment for using a mobile phone is significantly higher for users paying for a subscription (75 PLN) than pre-paid card holders (41 PLN) or mix users (45 PLN).
  • A majority of households (61,5%) declare owning a computer. 86,1% of those households which possess a computer have access to Internet.
  • A majority of Poles accessed Internet last month (56,3%), out of which the majority accessed the network at their own home (87%) or at work (39,5%).
  • Polish Internet users, who used it last month, declare a high frequency of accessing the medium - 71,4% use Internet daily.
  • A decisive majority of respondents, using Internet at home, have a fixed line, primarily broadband access. ¼ of respondents (25,4%) access Internet through a line of 1 Mb/s to 1,99 Mb/s speed while 27% of those surveyed use a line of 2 to 5,99 Mb/s speed.
  • Gadu-Gadu is the most frequently used means of communication in the market of internet communicators (86,7%) while Skype ranks first (71,8%) as far as voice communicators are concerned.
TV Market:
  • Over one third of respondents (34,8%) use cable TV while 33,1% own satellite TV. One third (31,0%) receive analogue TV through terrestrial reception by means of a traditional antenna and other interviewees use terrestrial digital TV.
  • The average monthly payment for using TV services is 45 PLN.
  • Two thirds of those surveyed (72,1%) declare satisfaction with their TV provider.
Conclusions on institutional clients
Survey results indicate that a majority of businesses interviewed (60,3%) use both fixed and mobile phones. A significantly lower percentage of companies use only a fixed phone (8,3%) or only a mobile phone (31,5%).


  • TP is a fixed telephony operator whose services are used most frequently by businesses, almost four fifths (79,6%). Netia notes a considerable market share out of alternative operators. 10,9% of surveyed businesses use its services. Dialog Telephony recorded an insignificant share - 2,9%.
  • An average monthly bill for using a telephone, considering all surveyed operators, is 181 PLN. The average monthly bill for using a TP's phone service is almost identical (180 PLN).
  • A satisfaction level for the two operators (TP and Netia), which was assessed by the respondents, is high. 88,5% of those interviewed rate TP's services as "good" and "very good". 86,7% of respondents rate Netia'a services in this way.
  • Most businesses use the services of the following mobile telephony operators: Orange (44,1%) and Era (30,8%). Services of Plus are used by 22,3% of firms. The figure for Play is 10,1%.
  • One or two mobile phones are most frequently used in surveyed companies. One phone is used by 40 - 49% of businesses while two phones by 28 - 33% of business (depending on the operators whose services are used by a given firm). Three phones are used by 11 - 15% of companies. Using a high number of mobile phones (4 and more) was most often declared by the Era's (11,5%) and Orange's (9,3%) clients. The highest average number of phones (2,26) is declared by Era's clients.
  • The average monthly bill for the services of mobile operators is quite diversified: Orange's business clients pay an average monthly bill of 264,5 PLN, 215,1 PLN - Plus, 199,6 PLN - Era, 179 PLN - Play.
  • The level of satisfaction for services provided to businesses by mobile operators is high - in all measured areas operators are rated above the average of 4,0 in a 5 point scale.
  • In over half of interviewed firms (59%) employees use desktop computers. In 42% of businesses employees use portable computers (laptops).
  • 91,1% of firms possessing computers also have Internet access. In 80,1% of cases access is fixed. 15% of businesses use mobile Internet access. Companies primarily use two kinds of speed: from 1 to 1,99 Mb/s (34,3%) and from 2 to 5,99 Mb/s (35,3%).
  • Average monthly expenses on Internet are 97 PLN.
  • A decisive majority of clients (88,8%) described their satisfaction with their internet provider as good or very good.
Reports are available in Polish.



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