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The 116 111 helpline

The Nobody’s Children Foundation (Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje) will operate the first, free-of-charge nation-wide helpline for children and teenagers.



116 numbers

The nation-wide numbers of free telephone lines of social value created at the initiative of the European Commission include:

  • 116 000 – hotline for missing children,
  • 116 111 – helpline for children and teenagers,
  • 116 123 – emotional support helplines for adults.

The helpline for children and teenagers available under 116 111 is the first line from the 116 group of numbers launched in Poland with the support of the Minister of the Interior and Administration and the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

The Office of Electronic Communications assigned the 116 111 number to Polkomtel S.A. after the latter had signed a relevant agreement with the Nobody’s Children Foundation. Then, the President of UKE led interconnection discussions as a result of which settlements for calls to this number were jointly agreed, ensuring that the number can be used free-of-charge.


Poland is the fifth country in the European Union with the helpline for children and teenagers operating under the 116 111 number. The helpline has been so far launched in the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. The 116 111 number has been assigned in 14 Member States.


The 116 111 helpline will serve the teenagers and children in need of support, care and protection. It will provide the callers in difficult situations with contact with experts.

The 116 111 line is operated by qualified psychologists and teachers who can talk to young people about their problems and give professional advice in emergency situations. The 116 111 consultants will cooperate with the nation-wide network of institutions and organizations which, if needed, will intervene in child matters. If it is suspected that the child’s health or life is in serious danger, the 116 111 consultants are entitled to initiate police intervention thanks to the cooperation procedures in this respect between the Main Police Headquarters (Komenda Główna Policji) and the Nobody’s Children Foundation.

In the initial stage of the 116 111 operation children and teenagers will be able to use it from Monday till Friday between 12.00 and 20.00 o’clock.


It was possible to launch the number in a speedy and smooth manner thanks to cooperation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, the Nobody’s Children Foundation and Polkomtel S.A. In order to make the number available Polkomtel has created a technological platform thanks to which the 116 111 number is available to all people in need independently of the telephone network they use. In addition to technical operation of the number, Polkomtel provided a professional call centre to the Foundation and supported the work on the launch of the number.

The 116 111 number becomes operational starting from 6 November 2008. The promotional campaign of the hotline for children and teenagers will start in December 2008 and will be run by the Nobody’s Children Foundation in cooperation with the ministries responsible for education, social policy and internal affairs as well as with media and other non-governmental organisations.



Additional information on how the 116 111 number operates can be found at In the future those in need will be able to ask on-line questions to the consultants, talk to their peers at the forum and find answers to the questions that bother young people most frequently.



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