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The Invincible - Infrastructure Protection

On 10 December, the signatories to the Memorandum on counteracting theft and devastation of infrastructure initiated by the presidents of UKE, URE and UTK established a Foundation whose purpose will be to raise awareness and increase social engagement against thefts and devastation of telecommunications, energy and railway infrastructures.


Power supply breaks, no signal in the telephone, delays in railway timetables. Everyone has experienced such inconvenience. What are the causes for that? The reason is simple: it is frequently thefts and devastation of infrastructure used by the energy, railway and telecommunications sectors.

The problem of infrastructure theft and devastation in Poland affects not only the companies responsible for the maintenance of that infrastructure, but primarily clients, since the thefts and devastation cause breaks in the provision of services and lead to dangerous situations which in extreme cases may put human health and life at risk.

10,000 delayed trains, breaks in power supply, hindrance to communications and huge financial losses.

Thefts and devastation happen every day. Only for this reason there were more than 8,300 passenger trains and 1,400 freight trains delayed. This means that more than a million passengers and tones of commodities did not reach their destination in time. The thefts and infrastructure devastation affect not only the infrastructure administrators, but first of all, the society and the economy. The thieves and vandals risk their own life and put other people's lives in danger.
In the first half of 2013, there were 6,000 cases of infrastructure theft and devastation. More than PLN 28 million was spent to compensate for the loss.


Number of theft and devastation cases

losses - costs of compensation (PLN million)




Power industry



Railway (until May 2013)



In total



Losses on devastated telecommunications, energy and railway infrastructure on domestic scale that had to be compensated for in the first half of 2013 reached nearly PLN 28 million.

In contrast, the losses for the whole 2012 amounted to almost PLN 65 million.

The worst situation was observed in Silesia with the largest growth of thefts in the Lower Silesia region.

In the first half of 2013, the Police noted the largest number of cases of infrastructure theft and devastation in Silesia. During that period more than 1100 cases of thefts were noted leading to the loss estimated at more than PLN 2 million. Despite leading in the ranking, Silesia noted the greatest drop in the number of thefts compared to 2012, i.e. at the level of 38%. This is a result of common actions of the Police and infrastructure owners. In contrast, an alarming increase in thefts was noted in the area of Lower Silesia. Compared to 2012, the number of incidents increased by more than 500.

Together against infrastructure theft and devastation

The Memorandum on counteracting theft and devastation of infrastructure is an initiative of three regulatory authorities: the Office of Electronic Communications, the Energy Regulatory Office and the Office of Railway Transportation, gathering companies in the telecommunications, energy and railway sectors. On 29 October 2013, the project gathering representatives of the three technology sectors was included in the list of measures implemented as part of a governmental programme to limit crime and antisocial attitudes under the name "Together for safety".

The Invincible | Infrastructure Protection - joint initiative under the NETIA Foundation, the National Chamber of Ethernet Communications, Industry Chamber for Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling, Orange Polska, Polish Association for Distribution of Electric Energy (gathering representatives of the energy sector), on 10 December established a Foundation whose task is to undertake and run activities aimed at limitation of and counteracting the thefts and devastation of infrastructure. Representatives of companies in the railway sector - signatories to the Memorandum against theft and devastation of infrastructure also declared to join the Foundation.

The Foundation's objectives

The task of the Foundation will be to raise awareness and to increase engagement of local government authorities and public institutions, with close cooperation of law enforcement and justice authorities in preventing thefts and devastation of infrastructure. The Foundation also puts awareness raising and increased social engagement against theft and devastation of critical technical infrastructure as its objective. The Memorandum and the Foundation encourage all interested parties to take joint actions with regard to infrastructure protection.

Plans and tasks for the nearest future

The major tasks and plans of the Foundation include the establishment and development of an incident registration system that supports law enforcement authorities and an information campaign presenting negative effects of infrastructure theft.
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