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15th Telecommunications World Symposium

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The 15th Telecommunications and Media World Symposium was organized in Warsaw on 25-26 March 2015. Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications was granted the title of the “Person of the Year 2014” of the telecommunications world during the grand gala of “Golden Antennas” award accompanying the conference.


The Symposium brings together people who exert significant influence on the development of telecommunications and media sector, becoming an effective platform for dialogue within this domain. The participants discuss the most important changes taking place in the market, analyze new trends and together look for business models that allow them to implement the adopted strategies.

Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE spoke immediately after the opening of this year’s meeting and presented a summary of the regulatory strategy implemented in the period from 2012 until 2015. She pointed out, among others, the effective deregulation of 76 municipal areas in the market of wholesale broadband access, development of a position on access to RBN, i.e. rules of sharing and access to the telecommunications infrastructure built within regional broadband networks, as well as numerous pro-consumer actions, which resulted in the recovery of PLN 1.3 million (in 2013) and almost 1.5 million PLN (in 2014) for the benefit of consumers.

She underlined that the regulatory strategy for the following years is currently being developed: – The position of consumers and the protection of their interests in the market still need to be strengthened. This should be followed by investments in modern telecommunications infrastructure, especially assuring the optimal use of funds available under the new financial perspective and the promotion of measures ensuring sustainable competition in the telecommunications market.

President Magdalena Gaj added that the ability to view market trends and developments from an innovative perspective is the most important because only this way it is possible to respond effectively and stimulate the processes aiming to increase innovation, establish cooperation as well as develop investments in Poland. – We should not forget that Poland is not only the largest construction site in Europe. It is here where the most extensive network of business incubators in Europe exists and most start-ups are set up.

She concluded: – Our country has every chance to become the largest entrepreneurship centre in the region, which will change the nature of Polish economy and will be associated with new technologies and modernity.

For several years the meeting has been accompanied by the galas: “Golden Antennas” for the world of telecommunications and the “Crystal Antennas” for the world of media, during which the community awards persons as well as the most interesting products and solutions that contribute to the development of those sectors in Poland. This year’s “Golden Antenna” winner in the category of “Person of the year 2014” was Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

The Competition Jury gave the following reasons for the award:

Magdalena Gaj’s performance so far has been characterized by the accuracy of difficult decisions made in the highly competitive telecommunications market. At the halfway stage of her term in office she is shaping the new face of the market with passion and commitment. Magdalena Gaj introduces into our world the processes for the development of broadband Internet in Poland, such as the auction in LTE frequency or the deregulation of wholesale broadband access services market in the area of several dozens of municipalities in the country. The President of UKE is also involved in the fight against digital exclusion, aiming to disseminate benefits connected with the Internet access in the life of each of us.
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The main issues addressed during this year’s edition of the Symposium are the following:

  • The future shape of the European telecommunications and media market in terms of business models, trends, regulations.
  • Telecoms in search of a new business model. Which of today’s experiments will translate into future market success
  • Challenges facing telecommunication frequencies management policy.

  • Evolution of access to TV content from the point of view of the offer and access channels.
  • Threats to the development of the advertising market in Poland.
  • New media – are facing “Internet bubble 2.0”?
  • Prosocial access to content management.
A separate discussion panel was devoted to each of the issues. For more information visit the website of the 15th Telecommunications and Media World Symposium.

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