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Press releases

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First Call for Projects within the Framework of the Digital Poland Operational Programme

On 30th September 2015 the Digital Poland Project Centre announced a new call for projects under competition procedure, for co-financing of projects with the funds of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the first priority axis of the Digital Poland Operational Programme – ‘Common access to high-speed Internet’, Measure 1.1 ‘Eliminating territorial differences in terms of access to high-speed broadband Internet’.

Delegacja Albanii_23.09.2015 r (8)
Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Albanian regulator

Delegation of the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority of Albania (AKEP), with its Chairman, Mr Piro Xhixho, paid a visit in Poland at the invitation of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications. 

Podsumowanie III edycji DZwNT_ml  (76)
3rd edition of the contest for traineeship in ICT has come to an end!

The meeting concluding the 3rd edition of the contest “Traineeship in the ICT sector for female students” within the framework of the social initiative “Girls in new technologies” was held on 17th September in the headquarters of GTECH Poland in Warsaw.

WAT_centrum cybernetyki_m
Opening of the Cryptology and Cybersecurity Centre of the Military University of Technology

On 15th September 2015 the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology has expanded its research and education facilities with the newly established Information Security and Cryptographic Calculations Centre. The President of UKE, Magdalena Gaj, participated in the opening ceremony of the Centre.

Równość w biznesie_logo
The President of UKE has become the Ambassador for Equality in Business

Equality in Business – it pays off! The promotional campaign launched by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for women’s promotions.

Data transmission in the country has increased seven-fold and in roaming 23-fold over the last 5 years

In 2014 people using services of the national mobile telephony operators in the territory of Poland transmitted 260.4 billion MB of data. 

Delegacja egipska_m
Visit of the delegation of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Egypt

On 10-11 August 2015 a visit of the experts from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in Egypt took place. It was held as part of bilateral cooperation of the regulatory bodies of both countries, based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the President of UKE and the President of NTRA, signed on 4 July 2013 during the Global Symposium of Regulators (GSR-13). 

Telefon stacjonarny
Information of the President of UKE about a new functionality of PLI CBD

Information about the launch of new functionality of the Location and Information Platform with a Central Database system that enables service providers to exchange information on handling requests for number porting.

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Information concerning the legality of use and operation of devices measuring the speed of vehicles on the road

In connection with incoming questions, the President of UKE informs that during the last two months ex-officio administrative proceedings have been initiated to issue, to the Municipal Guards, decisions prohibiting the use of devices measuring the speed in road traffic, if there is evidence that they work with the use of 34.0 GHz and 34.3 GHz frequency bands. 

Operators more effective in fighting cable thefts

The number of thefts and devastations of telecommunications infrastructure decreases. While in the years 2011-2012 over 10 thousand such cases per year were reported, in the last year the number decreased by more than half - as can be seen from the data collected by signatories of the Memorandum against the theft of infrastructure.

CIK bez numeru
UKE’s activities in favour of consumers in the first half of 2015

Consumer-oriented policy is one of the most important pillars in the Strategy of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications. In the first half of 2015 subscribers of telecommunications services filed 2,884 requests for intervention, 2,078 (83.81%) of which have been resolved in favour of consumers. 

Logo UKE (angielskie)
New categories of the Certificate of the President of UKE: ‘Disabled Friendly’ and ‘Junior’

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications introduced two new categories in the Certification Programme of the President of UKE – ‘Disabled Friendly’ and ‘Junior’.

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Notification on the results of the MUX 8 contest

Notification on the results of the contest for one general exclusive frequency licence (TV channels with 7 MHz bandwidth) in the 174-230 MHz band used in the radiocommunication broadcasting service, throughout the country, intended for terrestrial digital broadcasting and re-broadcasting of TV programmes in the multiplex No. 8 (MUX 8).

Open Consultation of the International Telecommunication Union on the Internet Exchange Points

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) runs open consultation regarding Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). The outcome of the consultation will be presented to the ITU Council Working Group on international Internet-related public policy issues (CWG-Internet).

Logo UKE
Report on the telecommunications market in Poland in 2014

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications presents the Report on the telecommunications market in Poland in 2014, drawn up on the basis of information provided in the annual reports of telecommunications undertakings, pursuant to Article 7 of the Telecommunications Act.

Logo UKE (angielskie)
Decision of the President of UKE on the designation of operator to provide universal services

The President of UKE informs about the designation of operator to provide universal services and the start and end date of the performance of the designated operator’s duties.

Warning for users of DECT-type cordless phones

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications informs users of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) type phones, which most often originate in Latin America or North America, that they cause radio interference in UMTS system mobile networks (a base plugged into the telephone socket via a cable with a portable receiver or several receivers). Those types of phones should not be used. They also cannot be transferred or sold.

Podpisanie porozumienia ws. RSO w MAiC_czerwiec 2015
As of 1st July we will be receiving the Regional Warning System’s notifications also via text message

On 25th June 2015, an agreement on the Regional Warning System was concluded in the Ministry of Administration and Digitization between the said Ministry, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management and the telecommunications operators.

Telefon komórkowy
Change to the technical manner of carrying out the number portability process

Since 26th June 2015 the exchange of information between service providers regarding number portability in the mobile networks shall take place via the Localisation and Information Platform with the Central Database (PLI CBD) system, managed by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.      

Komisja Europejska_logo
Implementation report of the European Commission

On 23rd June 2015 the European Commission published the newest implementation report. 

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