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Analysis of roaming services

The President of UKE presents the Analysis of the use of international roaming services in the EU/EEA region.


The analysis carried out by the Office of Electronic Communications confirms that roaming prices in the EU are being reduced, which is a result of regulatory actions that have been taken for several years – underlines the President of UKE, Magdalena Gaj

In order to assess functioning of the binding legal provisions on roaming, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications collects and periodically submits data on traffic volumes, revenues and charges for international roaming services to BEREC (an institution connecting European regulators of telecommunications markets). The attached analysis is a continuation of UKE’s work from previous years and constitutes an element of the review of the implementation of roaming charges by mobile networks operators in Poland.

Roaming charges in the European Union (the so-called Eurotariff) are regulated by the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 531/2012 on roaming in public mobile communications networks within the European Union. The Regulation aims to reduce the differences between national tariffs and charges for services provided during a stay in another EU country.

The analysis aims to illustrate traffic volume, revenues, retail and wholesale prices for the individual roaming services, as well as compare the level of prices for international roaming services in relation to prices for similar national services.

Regulation of the level of charges for individual roaming services has had the desired effect, i.e. an increase in the use of services – states Magdalena Gaj. – Reduction of the retail prices is evident in comparison to the costs of similar services initiated in the rest of the world (countries outside the EU and the EEA area). The latter are several times more expensive than the charges regulated by the EU law. The cost difference is particularly evident in case of data transmission services. Prices for other services are gradually aligning.

Customers of domestic operators initiating services in networks of foreign operators in the EU/EEA (active roaming), use them more and more frequently both in the case of pre-paid and post-paid services. This trend is particularly noticeable in data transmission services, whose volume of use is increasing rapidly – indicates the President of UKE. – It is also important that persons receive calls in roaming more often than start them – regardless of the settlement model [post/pre-paid]. In the analyzed period the segment of text messages developed the least dynamically.

The longer time horizon of the analysis allowed to observe an important feature of roaming services, which is seasonality. Almost all data showing the level of services use assume a sinusoidal shape, i.e. the highest value of the indicator in each third quarter of a given year and the lowest in the first quarter.

The whole analysis is available in Polish.

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