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Business customers about the telecommunications market

Report on the survey "Telecommunications market in Poland in 2008. Business customers" carried out by the Marketing Research Centre INDICATOR (Centrum Badań Marketingowych INDICATOR).


The main objective of the survey was to find out the opinions of business users with regard to the functioning of fixed-line and mobile telephony. Detailed study objectives have been defined within the following areas:

1. Fixed-line and mobile telephony:

  • operators used,
  • number of fixed lines and number of mobile phones,
  • the amount of invoices,
  • payment methods (mobile telephony split into post-paid + MIX and pre-paid segments),
  • satisfaction with the service provided by the current operator,
  • knowledge of the option to port numbers between mobile operators and between fixed-line operators,
  • readiness to use this service for both mobile and fixed-line telephony,
  • acceptable amount of number portability fees for fixed-line and mobile telephony.

2. General assessment of the telecommunications market.

3. Basic information about business users:

  • respondent's position,
  • length of experience in market operation,
  • business branch,
  • the amount of annual turnover for 2007.

The survey was carried out from 8 to 12 December 2008 and covered the whole country area. 


Findings and conclusions

The survey findings show that almost three in four investigated companies (73.3%) use both fixed-line and mobile phones. Only a small percentage of companies use exclusively fixed-line phones (14%) or exclusively mobile phones (12.6%).


  • The fixed-line operator whose services are predominantly used by business is Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. indicated by more than three in four investigated companies (77.3%). Competitive operators such as Dialog or Netia are used by a small fraction of companies, i.e. by 12.5% and 8% respectively.
  • Six out of ten investigated companies (60%) have only one fixed line, and every fifth company (22%) has two fixed lines.
  • Average monthly invoice for using the phones of all investigated operators (Telekomunikacja Polska, Dialog, Netia, Tele2) amounts to about PLN 327, while the average monthly invoice for using the phones of Telekomunikacja Polska is a bit lower and amounts to PLN 320.
  • The satisfaction with the two operators (Telekomunikacja Polska and Netia) evaluated by the respondents is high. Eight out of ten respondents evaluate them as "good" or "very good". For Netia such assessment is given by six in ten respondents.


  • Companies relying on mobile operators most frequently point out to Orange whose services are used by every second company (50.9%). The usage of the remaining two operators is similar, i.e. 31.2% for Plus and 28.3% for Era.
  • Most frequently companies use one or two mobile phones as declared by some 60-65% of companies. Using more phones (5 and 6 or more) is characteristic of Plus (22.3%) and Orange (20%).
  • Average monthly invoices for mobile services are similar: business customers of Era pay approximately PLN 371 per month, the customers of Orange - PLN 375 and the customers of Plus - PLN 381.
  • Large majority of companies (90-95%) rely on post-paid services. Pre-paid cards as a means of payment was indicated only by a small percentage of companies. This form is most frequently used by business customers of Era (15.5%) and Plus (12.6%).
  • Satisfaction with business mobile services is high. Operators are normally given around 4 points on a five-point scale. Business customers find slightly more attractive the handsets offered by Plus and Orange, the promotions and discounts offered by Plus and the availability of customer care and information lines at Orange. The availability of customer care and information lines, price offerings at Plus as well as promotions, discounts, price offerings and the service range/new services offered by Era seem less attractive.


  • Large majority of investigated business customers, namely 86.8%, have heard about the possibility to switch to another operator while keeping the same number (number portability).
  • Most business customers who have heard about the possibility to switch to another operator while keeping the same number state that this option is available for mobile telephony (93.2%). Six out of ten respondents (60.3%) associate number portability with fixed-line telephony.
  • Nine out of ten investigated business customers say that they would like to keep the current phone numbers when switching to another operator.
  • Such facility, in the opinion of those business customers who were willing to pay for it, should cost some PLN 46 for porting a fixed-line number and some PLN 40 for porting a mobile number.
  • Only 8.3% of the companies have used this facility so far, porting their fixed-line numbers and 5.5% of the companies have ported their mobile numbers. 


  • Business customers tend to evaluate the Polish telecommunications market in terms of its functioning quite positively. The mobile market is evaluated better with four out of 5 business customers (79.2%) rating it high (4 points - good and 5 points - very good). The fixed-line market is evaluated in this way by 69.5% of the respondents.

The full report "Telecommunications market in Poland in 2008. Business customers" is available in Polish:


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