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Check of digital TV set-top boxes

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UKE will verify whether decoders (set-top-boxes) for the reception of digital terrestrial television offered in Poland comply with the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and eco-design.


On 7 November 2012, Poland will enter the next phase of digitisation - a gradual process of the switch-off of analogue television broadcast from terrestrial transmitters will be launched. The inhabitants of Lubuskie Province will be the first to enter this stage. But they are not the only ones that can today enjoy the opportunity to receive free digital terrestrial television - digital terrestrial television broadcasting has covered almost the entire Polish territory. So viewers receiving analogue TV signal can already see the advantages of digital terrestrial television.

Subscribers to cable and satellite television will not lose the possibility of receiving a signal - their TV-sets, even of the old type, will still have no problems receiving the TV signal provided by cable operators or from a satellite dish. However, they will gain an alternative - in addition to cable or satellite television signal they will be able to take advantage of digital terrestrial television without the need to sign additional agreements.

How to use digital terrestrial television

To receive digital terrestrial television signal you need a special built-in or external decoder compliant with DVB-T MPEG-4, the so-called set-top-box (STB), also known as attachment or DVB-T tuner, connected to the TV-set, and, as before, a terrestrial antenna.
The number of people interested in buying set-top-boxes increases with each passing month - the closer to the analogue signal switch-off, the higher interest of consumers. Currently it is estimated that the Polish market operates nearly 100 STB manufacturers, while the Polish market for these devices is nearly 3 million people interested in purchasing this type of equipment. The greatest interest in purchasing STBs is expected in the second quarter of 2013.

UKE checks STBs offered for sale

To meet the expectations of consumers the Office of Electronic Communications begins to check STBs offered for sale in the whole country. During the check UKE staff will verify whether the offered devices for reception of digital terrestrial television meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and ecodesign (ErP - Energy related Products). UKE inspection teams will check whether CE marking has been properly affixed to STB sets and whether the manufacturer issued a declaration of conformity with the essential requirements for the offered models.

Checked STB sets will also be subject to laboratory tests to determine whether they do not cause electromagnetic disturbance with values in excess of resistance to these disturbances of other devices, and whether they have the required resistance to electromagnetic interference.

The tests will provide an answer to the question whether the sets meet the requirements of eco-design, i.e. whether they are energy efficient and do not cause excessive energy consumption both in operation and in standby mode.

Devices failing the check will be included in the List of products non-compliant with the essential requirements, and the Office of Electronic Communications will prohibit their further use or sale. In the event of failure to remove inconsistencies in the STBs with the essential requirements and eco-design, UKE can order their complete withdrawal from the market in Poland, and any persons offering devices included in the list of non-compliant products will be subject to criminal and financial liability.

The check conducted by UKE does not cover the verification of compliance with the obligation to inform the buyer about the fact that STBs do not comply with the technical and operational requirements needed to receive digital terrestrial television. Compliance with this requirement by entrepreneurs involved in the sale of digital receivers is controlled by the Trade Inspection.


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