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Contest for traineeships in ICT has started

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Another edition of the "Contest for traineeship in ICT" for female students of the second year of studies at the minimum, was launched on 15 March 2016. The contest is the main initiative within the social campaign of the President of UKE, titled "Girls in New Technologies" and is held under honorary patronage of the First Lady of Poland, Ms Agata Kornhauser-Duda.


The contest is addressed to female students of sciences and IT, who are at least second year students of first-degree/uniform master's studies, or second-degree students. The girls who propose the best solutions to a specific task prepared by one of the eight partner companies, will be awarded with a 3-month, paid traineeship.

This year, the contest tasks have been prepared by: CISCO Poland, SAS Institute, Sygnity, Motorola Solutions Systems Polska, Microsoft Polska, Telewizja Polska, Huawei Polska and Ericpol.

The contest is carried out from 15 March until 10 May.


What to do to win - STEP BY STEP

•    Step 1 - Read descriptions of traineeships offered by the partners of the project and choose the best one for yourself.
•    Step 2 - Read the terms and conditions  of the contest.
•    Step 3 - Prepare the required documents: declaration - consent for processing of personal data, document with information on grade average, and recommendation from the university.
•    Step 4 - Fill in the registration form and indicate the company in which you would like to undergo a traineeship.
•    Step 5 - Solve the task prepared by the chosen ICT leader.
•    Step 6 - Send the solution to the indicated address and wait for feedback!

All the relevant information can be found in a dedicated tab on the UKE website, or on Facebook.

* * *

"Girls in New Technologies" initiative was inspired by the data of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which, as the first international organisation, drawn attention to the fact that the new technologies sector develops in a very dynamic, yet stereotypical way - with a significant predominance of men. ITU Member States have decided that active measures popularising new technologies among women should be undertaken, and in 2010 established international celebrations of the "Girls in ICT Day".  

This issue is extremely close to Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications - woman who achieved success in a sector associated mainly with men.  Information confirming the disproportion between women and men’s participation in the ICT sector inspired her to initiate the "Girls in New Technologies" social project, aimed at highlighting the problem of low participation of women in the information society, overcoming gender stereotypes in this respect, encouraging women to undertake education in IT and build their development and career paths in the new technologies sector.  
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