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End of the digitization process and nationwide analog television

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End of the digitization process and nationwide analog television / Photo by Czesław Śliwoniuk UKE
Symbolical switch from the analog signal to the digital one was made together bythe  Minister of Administration and Digitization Michał Boni, President of the Office of Electronic Communications Magdalena Gaj, Chairman of the  National Broadcasting Council Jan Dworak and President of TVP Board Juliusz Braun.


23 of July 2013 is very important to me, from this day only digital TV will “shine” in Poland. Personally, because I am connected with this project from the very beginning and I am responsible for the process of digitization in Poland. I feel that this obligation was fulfilled correctly. I am satisfied as a parent that raised a child.  I was responsible for the preparation of the Implementation Plan of Digital TV in Poland, than Act on implementation of digital terrestrial television, together with the employees of the Telecommunication Department in the Ministry of Infrastructure we worked on the scenarios of the films informing  about the digitization process. After I was appointed for a position of the President of UKE, I kept an eye together with the employees of the head office and regional branches on the process from the technical side. We ensured that all citizens had digital transmission and reconstructed the coverage of the analog signal – President Magdalena Gaj describes her experience. 

Summary of the digitization of terrestrial television

Digitization of terrestrial television is extremely complicated process, that thanks to determination and engagement  of all its participants ends with success today – underlines Magdalena GajPresident of UKE.

Change that we all observe may be compared only to crucial events – launch of the first TV transmission or change of the method of broadcasting from black and white to color television – she adds.   

This is the beginning of a new era for television in Poland – change, that required preparation and implementation of new provisions – Act on implementation of digital terrestrial television, issuing indispensable concessions, decisions and radio permissions, and also preparation of schedules and territorial measurement –states President of UKE.

The success of the process would not be possible without very good cooperation of all partners participated in this process: Ministry of Administration and Digitization, National Broadcasting Council, public and commercial broadcasters and technical operator. Territorial and local administration played also very important role. Many organizations and disinterested individuals – volunteers from Digital Patrols, Scouts and Firemen - were involved in this process. I address special thanks to pupils and directors of schools, that supported program of Digital Patrols. I would like to thank employees of the regional branches of UKE that carried out measurements of the digital signal on their territory, often in very tough weather conditions, actively supporting local societies and responding to notifications concerning transmission of TV signal. Thanks to them farewell with “Dragon Analog” was smooth and without biggest problems- underlines Magdalena Gaj.

The numbers state about the scope of the undertaking and associated difficulties:

  • 108 main stations and 137 retransmission stations sending analog signal were replaced by 195 main digital stations and 127 subsidiary stations (gapfillers);
  • almost 47 thousand of measurements were carried out in 8,5 thousand cities by mobile measurement teams from the UKE regional branches; 
  • execution of these measurements took more than 10 thousand hours, mobile measurement stations traversed more than 200 thousand km;
  • whole process was split into seven parts, analog and digital signals were sent simultaneously;
  • acceleration of the process of launch of 127 subsidiary stations – indispensable for improvement of the receipt signal among others on the mountains areas – was possible thanks to the additional financial resources from MAiC;
  • digitization hotline - MAiC, UKE’s regional branches and voivodship offices received thousands of questions  and notifications form persons that were looking for a support;
  • information campaign was also very important, it was realized on different levels using help of many partners – local governments, schools, universities, volunteer fire department, scouts, church, broadcasters and media – nationwide and local;
  • many noble persons helped older people;
  • in the frames of Digital Patrols under direction of UKE hundreds of pupils from 25 technical schools from the whole country helped people, for whom digitization posed problems.  

Advantages from digitization

Thanks to digitization Poles gained access to rich offer of programs and new, better quality of TV signal and additional services.

Terrestrial Digital Television is a rich offer of programs:

  • Up to 8 digital programs from 1 MUX in place of 1 previous analog programme;
  • Access to 22 digital programs in place of 7 analog programs available previously.

Transition to digital transmission enables introduction of additional services, such as:

  • Electronic guide;
  • Opportunity to record, stop and rewind TV auditions and programs;
  • „video on demand” services;
  • Parental control;
  • Broadcasting in high resolution and different formats (4:3 i 16:9);
  • Simultaneous broadcast of several sound paths – choice of language version or audio mode;
  • Screen subtitles, audio-description and inscriptions in different languages; 
  • Opportunities as regard transfer of alarms;
  • In future – in connection with reversible channel – among additional services there might appear also: Internet, e-government, interactive educational programmes , bank services, games etc.


The end of the digitization process was accompanied by several important events. At 9:00 the press conference was held, after which the ceremonial assembly of Technical Council of TVP S.A and Voivode Convent with participation of Minister of Adminsitration and Digitization, President of UKE, Chairman of KRRiT and Board of Public Television was held. 

The summary of the implementation process of the terrestrial, digital television was made. Thanks were handed to the most active partners supporting digitization (including Digital patrols). There was also panel discussion on the future of the terrestrial digital television, new challenges and digital dividend.

7th stage of digitization

7th and the last stage of the digitization process of terrestrial television covered the territory of 220 communes that belong to 7 voivodships: Lower Silesian, Podkarpackie, Warmina-Masurian, Mazovian, Podlaskie. Lublin and Lubusz voivodship, where in November 2012 the first stage of the digitization process was carried out successfully.

From 23 of July 2013 on the territory covered by 7th stage of digitization exclusively digital TV programmes will be available. They will be broadcast by 10 main stations and 13 subsidiary stations with low power (gapfillers).

From 6:00 signal of analog television from the transmitters in Giżycko, Jelenia Góra, Leżajsk and Ostrołęka was replaced by the signal of terrestrial digital multiplexes.

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