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Entrepreneurs to provide facilities for people with disabilities

Globus i kable sieciowe (słońce)
The evaluation of the provision of facilities for disabled users by providers of publicly available telephone services.


The President of  UKE, with reference to the statement of 23rd April 2015, presents the report on the stage of provision of facilities for the people with disabilities by providers of publicly available telephone services.

People with disabilities, as users of telecommunications services, should be able to use them on the conditions equivalent to those applicable to most end users. Consequently, the amendment to the Telecommunications Law of 16 November 2012 (Journal of Laws of of 2012, item 1445) imposed, on all providers of publicly available telephone services, an obligation to provide end users with disabilities, as long as it is technically feasible, with access to the services that must be equivalent to that enjoyed by the majority of end-users (previously the obligation to provide facilities for people with disabilities was imposed only on the entrepreneur designated to provide services falling within the universal service).

The result of the above is, first of all, the provision of the best protection for users with disabilities. This is to counteract not only digital but also social exclusion. The presented report provides a summary of information obtained from providers of publicly available telephone services in response to the request of the President of UKE. It includes the detailed data relating to the degree of implementation of specific facilities for people with disabilities referred to in the Ordinance of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of 26 March 2014 on specific requirements regarding the provision of facilities for people with disabilities by providers of publicly available telephone services (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 464).

The beneficiaries of the aforementioned amenities are the users with different types of disabilities, who in the light of the Report should not meet any essential hindrances in the access to the amenities provided by the law.       

The analysis of the information submitted by the providers of the publicly available telephone services, covered by the report, as regards the implementation of the obligation of providing amenities for people with disabilities, indicated that the vast majority of them provide such services, or is prepared to provide them, if need be.

On the basis of the obtained information, it is possible to state that the entrepreneurs:

  • are (mostly) ready for the provision of service to people with disabilities, ensuring them to have the amenities that are well-tailored, taking into account the size of the company and its technical potential;    
  • they have the required knowledge and are prepared to provide amenities for such a person with disability at the request of such person, using the company’s own means (e.g. support of the well-trained employees), or in cooperation with competent organisations, providing support in communication with deaf or blind/partially sighted and to the extent of end devices - suggesting solutions appropriate for a given kind of disability.     

As of today, the above-mentioned claim is further confirmed by the fact that in 2015 the President of UKE did not receive any signals (complaints, requests for intervention) from people with disabilities who had not received their due amenities from their service providers.

  *  *  *

The President of UKE took actions related to the certification of entrepreneurs providing amenities for users with disabilities in access to the provided services. For more information please see press release about the Certification Programme of the President of the UKE in ‘Disabled Friendly’ category.

Control of facilities for the disabled is located on Polish website.
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