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Follow the Money - workshop on the violation of intellectual property

Magdalena Gaj - Prezes UKE - warsztaty Follow the Money
On 8 April 2016 the President of UKE Magdalena Gaj initiated a series of workshops "Follow the Money", connected with the implementation of a concept of the Digital Single Market strategy. 


- Protection of the intellectual property is a basic right and one of the main elements of the legal sources development. Office of Electronic Communications takes this challenge. There is no permission for theft of the products of intellectual work - stressed President Gaj in her inaugurating speech. - Undertakings regulated by UKE are content transmitters, which is why Office's involvement in this process is so important - she underlined.

The meeting initiated a series of meetings dedicated to the protection of intellectual property in Poland based on the Polish law, and to the analysis of solutions applied in other EU countries. Representatives of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT), Polish Chamber for Electronic Communication (PIKE), Polish Bank Association (ZBP) as well as law firms and associations participated in the debate.

Teresa Wierzbowska from the SYGNAŁ association presented an analysis of the intermediaries' role in counteracting theft of intellectual property. On 1 July 2014 the European Commission adopted an action plan concerning breaches of property rights in this area within the European Union. It states that a dialogue with intermediaries should be held, analysis of the money flow improved and a comprehensive training programme should be introduced. However, the most important document seems to the Digital Single Market strategy, stipulating the "Follow the Money" concept which provides for the involvement of all parties on the basis of self-regulation.

Marcin Przasnycki from Anti Piracy Protection addressed the problem of growing market of piracy websites misleading Internet users. - Pirates act to extort money - he emphasised. 70 percent of piracy websites generate revenue from advertising and from users' payments. The value of the advertising market in 2015 amounted to PLN 50-60 million, and the value of payment market was PLN 350-450 million. SMS and bank transfers are the most common payment channels used by piracy websites.

Kinga Szelenbaum from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage indicated the importance of self-regulatory activities, pursuant to the Follow the Money assumptions. Both Łukasz Białek from KIGEiT, and Jakub Woźny form the Media law firm of PIKE, analysed the law in terms of enforcing the protection of intellectual property. Tadeusz Białek, PhD, Director of the Legal and Legislation Team of the Polish Bank Association spoke about the important role of banks in the Follow the Money process.

The today's meeting initiated a series of meetings dedicated to the intellectual property theft with the goal of developing activities aimed at depriving entities which infringe intellectual property rights of the revenue sources.  

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