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It will be cheaper! New roaming charges Since 30 April

Telefon komórkowy
Since 30 April 2016 cost of calls between the EU countries will have been aligned and lowered, thanks to which we will be able to pay less for roaming calls.


Since 30 April we have been able to pay less for roaming calls. It is all thanks to the efforts of i.a. Poland, aimed at aligning and lowering the costs of calls between the EU countries. Works undertaken within this initiative aimed at introducing such a pricing mechanism that would be user-friendly and at the same time would lower the price of roaming calls. This goal is to be achieved within two years, which means that the subsequent changes will be introduced on 15 June 2017.

Roaming charges will not be higher than today. On the contrary - price reductions should be expected. Why? Because "domestic retail price", i.e. the charge that a mobile customer pays at home, has been transferred to roaming. It can be increased by the so-called surcharge which is a fixed charge for respective services, for example:
•    if the price for one minute of domestic call is equal PLN 0.29  
•    an operator can add a surcharge equal PLN 0.25 for each minute of outgoing call,
•    and the subscriber will pay PLN 0.54 for each minute of outgoing call in roaming.
It means that the levels of charges for particular services in roaming are strictly connected with subscriber's tariff plan. The level of surcharge itself is fixed.

The maximum surcharge for respective services in roaming is as follows:
•    outgoing call (per minute) - PLN 0.25
•    SMS - PLN 0.10                              
•    MMS - PLN 0.25
•    data transfer (per 1 MB) - PLN 0.25
Please remember that the charge for receiving a call is fixed regardless of the owned tariff plan and is equal PLN 0.05.

It is also important that customers can choose a different roaming tariff. It means that if a subscriber is not satisfied with the owned tariff, he/she may use it until its expiration and then buy another one, or choose the above-described solution. A subscriber is also entitled to freely switch between roaming tariffs, and such change should be executed within one working day.

In the target period, i.e. as of 15 June 2017, the above-mentioned surcharge will not be charged anymore and an operator will charge connections according to the domestic tariff.

In attachment you can find detailed information for consumers about the new international roaming rules.
On 31 March 2016 the President of UKE published (in Polish) the Position on the new international roaming rules applicable within the European Union and the European Economic Area (EU/EEA).
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