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Market products control – the recapitulation of 2014

Telefon komórkowy
In 2014, the President of UKE audited 1610 products subjected to the electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC), the  requirements set for Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R & TTE) and the EcoDesign requirements associated with energy saving devices which are not in constant use.


As a result of inspections carried out, 513 of the 1,610 examined products did not satisfy the demands (non-conformance products). It means that practically one in three  of the inspected products, out of the traded goods, did not meet the requirements.

While analyzing the overall level of non-conformity, it is necessary to consider the arrangement of the number of non-conformance products with respect to all requirements. The majority of the non-conformance products, as many as 41%, applies to radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (the requirements of the R & TTE 1999/5 Directive), while the level of non-conformity as for being the subject of the electromagnetic compatibility demands (the requirements of the EMC 2004/108 Directive) reached the level of 30%. Out of the two indicated categories of products (EMC and R & TTE), 20% of the simultaneously tested products in the field of eco-design requirements (i.e. 80 out of 393) revealed further non-conformity (failure to meet the requirements of the ErP 2009/125Directive). On the other hand,  checks in the requirements for the labeling of television sets showed irregularities in relation to the responsibilities of distributors and suppliers with reference to 23 TV sets, out of 93 tested ones.

The positive effect of the market control impact is a decrease of the total number of non-conformance goods recorded in 2014, which results from consequence in the control activities of the UKE President. Since 2012 onwards a new approach has been introduced to run the control  articulated in the pro-consumerist policy of the Office of Electronic Communications. Thanks to that a high efficacy for detecting and taking action aimed at the elimination of non-conformance products from the market has been observed, especially in case of products covered by the requirements of the R & TTE Directive.

Closer and closer cooperation between the UKE President and the customs authorities is also noteworthy. In the past reporting period a significant increase in customs authorities’ applications for the opinion of the UKE President with respect to the  conformity of products was noticed.

Detailed information can be found in the accompanying financial statements (polish version).
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As part of the product market surveillance, the President of UKE published the results of mobile phone tests in terms of the absorption of electromagnetic energy by the human body during phone calls (examining the SAR factor).

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