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National Broadband Forum Conference: Investments as recipe for success

Magdalena Gaj - Prezes UKE
"Investments - recipe for success" – that’s the topic of the National Broadband Forum Conference which gathered more than 200 representatives of the telecommunications industry, central-level administration, local governments and non-governmental organizations.


The President of the Office of Electronic Communications Magdalena Gaj during her keynote speech at the conference held on 16 June 2016 in Warsaw referred to the impact of telecommunications investment projects financed from the 2007-2013 financial perspective on the telecommunications market based on data from the annual infrastructure stock-taking exercise for 2015.

Magdalena Gaj announced that the analysis of financial perspective for the Digital Poland Operational Programme 2014-2020 during the first competition for projects and assumptions for the second contest would follow.

The conference was unique due to the fact that comprehensive information about global data on the coverage of infrastructure and broadband services in Poland was presented for the first time. Data collected as part of the stock-taking exercise is crucial for development of broadband infrastructure in Poland and makes part of the strategy pursued by the President of UKE. Data for 2015 reflects the outcomes of the previous financial perspective. In total, we have as many as 420,000 km of fibre lines, which makes an increase of almost 65 percent compared to 2013, however the most significant growth is observed in terms of transmitted data. Between 2011 and 2015 the volume increased by 660 percent - stressed Magdalena Gaj. In addition, she announced that an Information Point for Telecommunications Issues would  be launched as part of the assigned tasks thanks to which the undertakings will obtain information not only about infrastructure in the telecommunications sector, but also in other industries.  A single contact point will provide information about the necessary procedures and formalities related to the investment process – added Magdalena Gaj.

A detailed analysis of most important information about the telecommunications infrastructure based on the completed stock-taking exercise for 2015 was presented by Marek Ostanek - Director of the Data Management Department. The analysis of data on the implementation of the Digital Poland Operational Programme was presented by Eliza Pogorzelska - Director of the Department for Broadband Projects Implementation in the Centre for Digital Poland Projects.
It is crucial for the telecommunications market to implement the so-called cost-reduction Directive into the Polish legal framework. The new legislative provisions are intended to reduce the costs of broadband networks roll-out. Justyna Romanowska - Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications in the Ministry of Digital Affairs - presented the status of work on the implementation of the relevant Directive.

The conference was closed by a debate attended by experts and practitioners in the telecommunications market. One of the most broadly discussed topics related to the Internet of Things (IOT). Only 3 per cent of the companies in Poland use IoT. In 2020 there will be 50 billion "things" connected to the Internet. The growth and investment in this area will also contribute to creating new jobs. This revolution is still ahead of us.
The debate was moderated by Krzysztof Heller.

Annual meetings during the Conference are intended to present up-to-date information on the telecommunications market as well as to discuss and exchange views and experiences between the participants on developments in the telecommunications market in Poland and in Europe.

A passage of Magdalena Gaj's speech during the National Broadband Forum Conference.

More information about the Conference is available at Polska Szerokopasmowa.
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