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Permits for regular digital broadcasting in the second multiplex DVB-T


The President of UKE has issued to TP Emitel Sp. z o. o. a permit to use of broadcasting equipment for distribution of TV shows creating a second DVB-T multiplex.


The licenses cover the following stations:

  • RTCN POZNAŃ/Śrem TV channel 39 (100 kW radiated power),
  • RTCN WARSZAWA/Raszyn-Łazy TV channel 48 (100 kW radiated power),
  • RTCN WARSZAWA/Palace of Culture TV channel 48 (radiated power of 3 kW),
  • RTCN ZIELONA GÓRA/Jemiołów TV channel 46 (radiated power of 80 kW),
  • RTCN ŻAGAŃ/Wichów TV channel 41 (50 kW radiated power).

Permits are issued for a period of 10 years. Commencement of use will begin as scheduled ie 30 September 2010.

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