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President of UKE presents a research report the quality of mobile phone services

We are at the forefront of Europe but there is still a lot to be done. The President of the Office of Electronic Communications puts mobile operators under the microscope. Results of the quality tests of mobile phone services are available.


- It is clear that we are at the forefront of Europe when it comes to the quality of mobile networks; it proves that the investment mechanisms are working because without them there would be no fast mobile Internet. - said President Magdalena Gaj summarising the current stage of tests.

In December 2015, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications decided to carry out tests of service quality of four telecommunications operators.

- Discussions with operators under the Memorandum on improvement of the quality of telecommunications services adopted in 2012 did not fully bring the desired effect. Operators were not willing to establish one measurement method. We ended the negotiations at the beginning of the previous year. I made the decision to carry out independent quality tests of networks. Now we show the first report from the tests to operators - said the President of UKE.

The following companies took part in comparative tests of indicators:
  • Orange Polska S.A.,
  • P4 Sp. z o.o.,
  • Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.,
  • T-Mobile Polska S.A.

The analysis was conducted across the country; most measurements have been made within cities and urban agglomerations in order to reach as many consumers as possible. However, for the reason of the specificity of coverage of the respective transmitters, the results of the analysis should not be viewed as reliable for every point in Poland, nor generalised for the whole country.    

Map of measurement routes

Mapa przebiegu tras pomiarowych

The voice services, as well as access to the Internet for all the currently available technologies, i.e. GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) i LTE (4G) were subject to the analysis. The total length of measurement roads amounted to 20,150 km. The research encompassed only best technology provided by the operator within a given area. As far as voice services are concerned, most of them, i.e. approximately 95%, are provided in the UMTS technology. In the case of data transfer service, the dominant technology is LTE, as approximately 88% of connections have been made using the said technology. The abovementioned facts show that the mobile network is developing and that the Polish consumer is provided with the possibility to choose from reliable operators.      

Use of technology in voice services within a given area





Use of technology

















For all the operators, call set up success rate was evaluated at a very high level of over 99%.

CSSR indicator – call setup success rate in the analyzed cities.

Wskaźnik CSSR – skuteczności połączeń telefonicznych w badanych miastach

However, there are spots, where users can face problems with making connections in places that have been highly assessed, which is indicated by the number of interrupted calls in some of the tested cities.  

The LTE technology is a prevailing technology in the transmission of data and it is estimated to amount to approximately 83% of data transfer; second comes UMTS with 17% and GSM with the result of less than 1%. The aforementioned results prove that the state-of-the-art technologies are developing within the mobile networks. Nonetheless, taking into consideration the results obtained for the respective operators, one should bear in mind the radio frequencies at the disposal thereof or the available network resources.

The use of technology in services of data transmission within the analysed area:





Use of technology

















From the user’s point of view, the most essential parameter of data transmission consists is the download speed and the delays in transmission. However, in fact, there are more essential parameters that should be taken into account when assessing the quality of connection, i.e. it is worth taking into account the parameters of video degradation or the time of connecting to the desired website.     

The map shows the diversification of the abovementioned indicators in the cities subject to the analysis:

Download speed

Prędkość pobierania

It is worth mentioning that the download speeds, as well as the remaining parameters of data transmission, depend, in some cases, not only on the operator providing services, but also on those providing services between our operator and the one providing the data for us. Therefore, in order to make the parameter more credible, tests have been conducted with regard to the reference server placed at the internet exchange point, because access to the point is comparable for all the operators.

Delays in transmitting data packages

Opóźnienia w transmisji pakietów

The number of the conducted tests is presented in the table below:

Test statistics





Voice calls

12 326

12 429

12 248

12 400

Data transfer test – Download

6 093

6 001

6 174

5 799

Data transfer test – Upload

5 779

5 628

5 924

6 092

Delays i transmitting data packages test

5 981

5 833

6 130

6 002

Test  of delay variability

5 748

5 571

5 900

5 802

Test of the reference website

5 730

5 541

5 879

5 755

YouTube Test

5 538

5 098

5 708

5 620

Please visit: to find out detailed information about the indicators showing the quality of services within mobile networks with a more exact reference to places in which the tests have been conducted.

The information has been discussed in a way that enables users to better understand the results of the conducted analysis, so that it is impossible to use them for the purposes of unfair competition or to mislead customers. The conducted analysis is intended to support entrepreneurs in providing services of the best possible quality, but that is not the only goal.     
Magdalena Gaj, the President of UKE, clearly defines the final objectives of the analysis: 

- Such analyses help consumers take conscious decisions when choosing a given service, which is why we are already working on an app for consumers. I would like them to be able to search for and check specific locations.

It should be underlined that the dynamic investments on the telecommunications market provide more and more improved services. In order to guarantee the quality of service and network development for consumers, the President of UKE will periodically repeat measurements and increase their scope.

- I wish that the results of the first independent study on network quality indicators in the history of the telecommunications market in Poland were used as material for further discussion with entrepreneurs regarding the issue of network quality – said the President of UKE.

Because the tests carried out by the President of UKE will not cover every point in Poland, in the current year it is planned to make an application for smart phones available, which may be used by consumers themselves to perform network quality tests in areas that interest them. This application will transfer, with the consumer’s consent, anonymous data to the UKE system, in which all consumers through a web browser will be able to see results they are interested in on the map of Poland. Thanks to this cooperation between UKE and consumers, a continuously updated map of the quality of mobile networks will be created.

The report is available in attached files in Polish.

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