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Report on mobile roaming services within the Community (December 2008)

The subject of this report is the comparison of prices for basic mobile services provided by the Polish operators within the framework of international roaming.


On 30 June 2007 Regulation (EC) No 717/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 June 2007 on roaming on public mobile telephone networks within the Community and amending Directive 2002/21/EC entered into force.

This report forms part of the mobile market monitoring exercise handled in Poland by the Office of Electronic Communications within the framework of the existing Regulation.

The purpose of the report is to present average rates for all basic mobile services in the period covering 2Q 2007 - 3 Q 2008 and the current retail prices (as of 15 December 2008).


Main conclusions

At the wholesale level (settlements between operators), the average rate for calls originated in Poland by the users of operators from the European Union/European Economic Area amounted to 0.25 EUR/min for 3Q 2008. In the same period, the wholesale rate for originated SMS was 0.15 EUR, while the data transmission price was 2.38 EUR/MB for operators outside the alliance with capital links or a common brand, and 0.67 EUR/MB for operators within the alliance.

At the retail level (services offered directly to consumers), average rates for voice calls in 3Q 2008 ranged from 0.47 to 0.48 EUR/min for calls made and 0.24 EUR/min for calls received for all customers of the Polish networks on Eurotariff. The average rate for unregulated SMS in 3Q 2008 was 0.31 EUR. At the same time, unregulated price for data transmission amounted to the average level of 7.60 EUR/MB for traffic outside the alliance and 9.74 EUR/MB for traffic within the alliance.

The period 2Q 2008 - 3Q 2008 saw a clear growth of interest in the services both on the part of foreign operators' users roaming in Poland and the Polish clients roaming on the networks of foreign operators.

The most significant growth in voice calls under the Eurotariff was seen for Polish pre-paid users roaming on foreign networks, i.e. 24%-26%. Pre-paid users also started to use intensively voice calls under other tariffs than the Eurotariff in the European Union/European Economic Area and the rest of the world. For SMS the growth of traffic from the users of operators in the European Union/European Economic Area amounted to 22%. For data transmission services the traffic grew in the European Union/European Economic Area by 37%-40%.

Significantly higher retail prices for roaming services than for domestic services are characteristic for individual operators' offerings analysed in December 2008.

The prices for roaming voice calls made and received ranged in majority of analysed tariffs at the level approximate to the Eurotariff cap, i.e. at 0.56 EUR/min and 0.27 EUR/min respectively. The price of a roaming call was on average three times higher than the price of a domestic service.

The price for an SMS originated while roaming ranged from 0.31 EUR to 0.72 EUR and was on average seven times higher than the corresponding domestic service. Sending a roaming MMS was charged from 0.62 to 1.25 EUR/MMS, on average eight times higher than offered domestically. During the Christmas period effects of the holiday cut in data transmission prices for roaming offers could be seen, nevertheless the highly differentiated roaming prices ranging from 2.49 to 18.71 EUR/MB still remain on average 17 times higher than in the domestic offer.


A full version of the report is available in Polish


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