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Results of the second tender for 3,6-3,8 GHz band

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The President of the Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulation (URTiP) has announced winners in the tender for three frequency reservations for nationwide wireless networks.

The objective of the tender was to select entities for which a reservation of frequencies for fixed wireless access networks (e.g. in order to provide telephone services and broadband Internet access) will be made. Each reservation will cover a pair of duplex channels with a bandwidth of 2x3,5 MHz each, i.e. 14 MHz of radio spectrum in total to be used till 31 December 2020.

In the course of the tender procedure announced on 27 April, the Office received 7 offers from 5 entities: Naukowa i Akademicka Sieć Komputerowa (NASK, 1 offer), Clearwire Poland Sp. z o.o. (2 offers), PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o. (2 offers), Netia Globe S.A. (1 offer) and Netia Świat S.A. (1 offer).

After checking formal requirements in the first stage, 3 offers qualified for the second stage (point evaluation) - NASK, Netia Globe and Netia Świat. The reason why offers from Clearwire Poland and PTK Centertel did not qualify was that they were not compliant with the requirements of the tender documentation specified by the President of URTiP in line with the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure.

In the course of the point evaluation, offers from Netia Świat S.A. and Netia Globe S.A. obtained bigger number of points than NASK since both companies have had no frequencies so far in the 3,6 – 3,8 GHz band (and NASK already has one pair of channels) and proposed higher amounts for a one-off tender fee.

Tenderers declared the following amounts of a one-off fee for making the frequency reservation by means of the tender (total fee for a pair of channels):

  • Netia Globe S.A. – 13.100.000,00 PLN,
  • Netia Świat S.A. – 7.100.000,00 PLN,
  • NASK – 4.700.125,00 PLN.

An opinion was also expressed by the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection. He stated that all three offers have equally good impact on competition.

As a result of a final evaluation made by the tender Commission individual offers obtained the following total number of points:

  • Netia Globe S.A. – 628,357 points
  • Netia Świat S.A. – 463,151 points
  • NASK – 371,758 points.

The number of points according to evaluated criteria amounted to:


Name of criterion

Netia Globe S.A.

Netia Świat S.A.



Preservation of competitive conditions and the declared amount





Financial credibility of the tenderer





Technical solutions included in the offer





Economic and financial study of an offer’s subject





Tenderer’s experience in the telecommunications business




Total number of points




All three offers obtained the qualifying minimum equal to 350 points. Therefore Netia Globe S.A., Netia Świat S.A. and NASK are the entities selected in the tender procedure as each of them applied for one pair of duplex channels in the 3,6 – 3,8 GHz band.

Having announced the results of the tender, the President of URTiP will issue decisions on the reservation of frequencies at the request of the winners. From the moment operators receive the decision, they will be able to deploy their own network and start the provision of services.

This was already the second tender for the reservation of frequencies in the 3,6 – 3,8 GHz band for nationwide networks organized by the President of URTiP. In the first tender resolved on 28 December 2004 each of the companies E-internets and Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa obtained 4 channels in the 3,6-3,8 GHz band with a bandwidth of 3,5 MHz each, while NASK obtained two channels.

The President of URTiP plans for September 2005 to start the third stage in the management of the 3,6 – 3,8 GHz band, i.e. announcing and conducting 317 local tenders for the reservation of frequencies for the purposes of local fixed wireless Internet access networks.

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