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The President of UKE analysed the effects of mobile phones on human body

Telefon komórkowy
The findings of the mobile phones tests with regard to the absorption of electromagnetic energy by the human body during telephone calls (measuring SAR).


Given the fact that the use of mobile phones is widespread in the Polish society and at present the number of active mobile phones in Poland is estimated at 57 million, the President of UKE decided to look into the effects of mobile phone on the body of a person talking over the phone, especially taking into consideration the most vulnerable users, namely children and the elderly. According to the Council of the European Union’s Recommendation (1999/519/EC) that is generally accepted in Europe, the level of absorption of electromagnetic energy, so-called SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), cannot exceed 2W/kg per 10 g of contiguous tissue of human body. Therefore, SAR value informs how much energy radiated from a mobile phone is absorbed by the user’s body. Exceeding the emission level of 2W/kg, when a phone is held near the head during a conversation, is considered to be harmful to the human body.

The test included samples of 11 brands of mobile phones taken from shops (part of current offer), that because of their construction and available functions can be in particular used by seniors and children. The samples were taken in the period from January until February 2015 and the tests were carried out in February and March 2015.

The findings presented below regard 2 pieces of each tested brand and the provided SAR value is the maximum value (the least advantageous) obtained in the series of tests of each piece.

The list of product subjected to the test (alphabetical order):

1.    Alcatel 2001X
2.    Emporia Solid V33i
3.    MaxCom MM 910
4.    MaxCom MM 705BB
5.    MaxCom MM 820BB
6.    MaxCom MM 822BB
7.    MyPhone One
8.    MyPhone 1062 Talk+
9.    Samsung GT E1200R
10.  Samsung GT S5611
11.  Wiko RIFF

Please find enclosed the whole content of the report (Polish version).


The President of UKE constantly monitors the products market, controlling whether the offered products fulfil legal and technical requirements providing for their safety use.  The range of tests includes the aspects such as: effective management of spectrum, electromagnetic compatibility, protection of users’ health and safety, and energy efficiency.

Out of 1610 products tested in 2014, 513 products (32%) proved to be incompatible with the essential, specific or other requirements. Categories of products which had the highest percentage of non-conforming products: antennas with amplifiers (55% of non-conforming products), DECT telephones (48%), home cinema systems (46%), radio-controlled model-toys (45%), battery chargers/power suppliers (42%). At the other extreme there are power tools (4%), television sets (6%) and microwave ovens (10%).

The President of UKE will soon publish a detailed report on the products controlled in 2014.

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