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The President of UKE supports the promotion of the Guidebook for businesses "More women in administration – it pays off"

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The Guidebook for businesses "More women in administration – it pays off" was developed under the project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy called "Equality of women and men in economic decision-making processes - a tool for social change". 


The project promotes increased participation of women in company management and supervisory boards, i.e. in the main bodies of the organisations. Its aim is to promote equality of women and men in the labour market, in particular the participation of women in economic decision-making processes. Research conducted worldwide shows that gender diversity at the highest management levels translates directly into the company's higher profitability and competitiveness in the market. The companies that have women in their executive boards achieve, on average, better financial results than the companies without women in the management.

The Guidebook "More women in administration – it pays off" is a tool that is intended to help managers and HR directors advance women in their organisations to higher positions.

It is the first such publication in Poland. It contains a legal analysis, current statistics and the cultural context related to the presence of women in business as well as a set of practical tips and solutions whose introduction in the company is bound to bring actual economic benefits. In addition to solid knowledge and expertise, the publication also includes good business practices in the area of equal opportunities to show the possibilities of action that proved to be effective in Poland.

Companies can use a ready original script for a training session on equality. The Ministry offers free support in the implementation of the Guidebook in the form of nationally unique free information and training seminars on the concept of supporting women's advancement. To this end, training sessions dedicated to big companies (employing over 250 people) will be organised in the five largest Polish cities.

The agenda of the seminars has been prepared with a view to the managers/manageresses and specialists from HR and CSR departments and collaborating departments as well as entrepreneurs and company owners.

The training will address among others the following:

  • diversity vs. economic and non-economic benefits of a company,
  • types of equality measures in a company,
  • equal opportunities in practice,
  • preparation of a step-by-step strategy for equality.

Training sessions will be held in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Krakow and Wroclaw between 24 February and 15 April 2015. Detailed information on recruitment for the seminars, schedule of events and the project itself can be found on the project website:

The guidebook "More women in administration – it pays off" is available in an electronic version (in Polish) on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy:

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Promotion of the Ministry's activities within the project "Equality in Business", including dissemination of information about the Guidebook and seminars among the largest companies in the sectors of telecommunications and new technologies is in line with the ongoing efforts of the President of UKE aimed to increase women's opportunities in the telecommunications sector.

The project "Girls in new technologies" initiated by the President of UKE has been a great success. It is joined by new companies representing the industry of new technologies, which, as a result of UKE activities, are bringing in more and more female trainees, the top students of technical faculties. The aim of the project is to promote the study of sciences among girls and the ICT sector as a prospective workplace for women. – I support all initiatives aimed at encouraging women to choose technical faculties and find jobs in the sector of new technologies. The demand for people with technical skills will grow. Nothing is more attractive than examples of professional careers and dissemination of good practices. Our internship programme, implemented thanks to the involvement of the best ICT companies operating on the Polish market (i.a. Motorola Solutions, Microsoft, Sygnity, Cisco Poland, SAS Institute, Telewizja Polska SA and new partners) is precisely aimed at showing that those companies are a very good workplace for women – emphasises President of UKE Magdalena Gaj.

I do encourage the project partners and women interested in improving their qualifications to use valuable initiatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. I also wish to remind that another edition of the "Contest for Traineeships in the ICT Industry" will soon be launched. I invite  female students to keep track of our website, which in March will publish questions from the partner companies – says M. Gaj.

The Guidebook for businesses "More women in administration – it pays off" is available in the attached file.

*  *  *

Information on the activities of the President of UKE within the “Girls
in new technologies” project is available on the UKE website:

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