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The President of UKE warns - before you sign, read the contract!

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The President of UKE constantly receives information and complaints from subscribers regarding unfair and insidious trade practices. Those relate to the practices of sales representatives of different operators, in particular the fixed telephony services, who mislead the subscribers into signing new contracts for the provision of telecommunications services, resulting in porting a phone number to a new operator.


The President of UKE calls for extreme caution and warns against entering into contracts without checking the party of the new contract, and without the relevant knowledge regarding the offers and documents presented by the operators i.e. the contract, rules and price list.

The basic principle in order to avoid deception is to demonstrate a minimum care that involves at least a cursory reading and verifying the conditions (the content) presented to us in the contract to be signed. It will make it easier for us to find out with whom (which service provider) we are going to sign the contract, for how long it will be legally binding, under what terms and conditions and costs.

For example: The logo displayed on a contract and/or the name of the operator is different than our current provider’s, but still we are being persuaded by the sales representative visiting us, e.g. in the house, that the contract refers to the telecommunications services provided by our existing operator. It should be the alarm signal for us and also the reason not to sign such a contract, because we are being deceived!

Remember! Our signature is very important and can be very expensive! The contracts are designed in such way, that by signing them we confirm that we know with whom and under what conditions the agreement is concluded and what the consequences are. Therefore, if we sign a contract hastily, without prior knowledge of its content, without reading it, we act against our own interest which may cost us a lot later. We are not obliged to sign any contract, and it is the sales representative who is interested in our signature, not the reverse! Do not give ”autographs” away carelessly!

Is there a ”lifebelt”? YES! “You are not going to drown for 14 days!”

If we have signed a contract outside the business premises (e.g. at home), or at a distance (e.g. via a courier, a postman), in accordance with the provisions of the law on consumer rights, we are entitled to withdraw from it within 14 days from the date of its conclusion. It is sufficient to send a relevant statement of withdrawal from the contract within 14 days.
(A template of a statement of withdrawal can be found on the last page of our Guidebook for consumers).

Pass the exam with flying colours! Remember the five safety rules!

1. Check with whom, with what operator/company the contract is to be signed!
2. Before you sign! Read or at least make a cursory reading of the contract, regulations and pricing! Signing the contract is equivalent to the statement that you have read and agreed to the terms, regulations and pricing.
3. You are not sure, you do not understand - do not sign!
4. You have signed - make sure that the sales representative/courier has left you a copy of the contract, regulations and pricing. Do not be fooled that the documents will be delivered to you at a later date, e.g. by post.
5. You have signed but do not like the contract terms? The sales representative has deceived you? You have 14 days to cancel a contract concluded away from business premises or at a distance!

Do you have questions? Call! We are here to help you.

1. The Consumer Information Centre of UKE – the helpline ~ 801 900 853 (the cost of call is consistent with the rates of your operator) or 22 534-91-74.

2. Free Consumer Hotline ~ 800-889-866.

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