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Together against theft and devastation of infrastructure

The data on theft incidents for 2015 were collected within the active Memorandum on cooperation in preventing theft and devastation of energy, rail and telecommunications infrastructure initiated by the Office of Electronic Communications, the Energy Regulatory Office and the Office of Rail Transport.


The intention of the Memorandum is to carry out joint actions aimed at reducing and preventing theft and devastation of energy, railway and telecommunications infrastructure and equipment, including development of proposals for legislative changes. As a result of the activities undertaken by the Memorandum signatories, the number of thefts and devastations of infrastructure has decreased significantly since 2012, i.e. the year when joint works under Memorandum were started. Signatories have obliged themselves to undertake joint activities to increase Poles' awareness about the issue, as well as support public institutions, law enforcement and judicial authorities in preventing and combating theft and devastation of infrastructure.
In 2013 the works carried out under the Memorandum were included in the list of actions within the "Together for safety" governmental programme. Alliance of the three regulators – UKE, URE and UTK in this initiative is precedence on the European scale. Memorandum cooperates with international organisations such as SIPAM (Security Partnership against Metal Theft in Germany), which gathers about 200 entities, or EIM (European Rail Infrastructure Managers), associating rail companies.

Direct losses resulting from theft and devastation of infrastructure in 2012 amounted to around PLN 64 million and thanks to the undertaken initiatives in 2015 they decreased to PLN 37.5 million.

In 2015 the number of thefts and devastation of infrastructure decreased to 8.8 thousand cases in comparison to 17 thousand cases noted in 2012. In 2015 a 23 percent decrease in the number of thefts was noted in comparison to 2014.

Unfortunately it is still a high number of cases. Due to the infrastructure thefts in 2015 161,485 customers were deprived of telecommunications services, 22,801 customers were deprived of electricity and 10,603 trains were delayed.

In the opinion of the Memorandum signatories the activities should be intensified with the participation of industry undertakings, and the fight with theft and devastation of infrastructure should be continued in cooperation with the police, especially in the places where the risk of impact of stolen and devastated infrastructure on health and life of people is the highest.

Education which results in shaping responsible society that cares for the common good is a long-term process. We have undertaken this challenge within the works under Memorandum and we intend to support initiatives which will have similar purposes. We have already interested and included in our actions 20 partners - state institutions, key companies from the energy, rail and telecommunications sectors, as well as respective organisations and chambers. 

We encourage you to read the full position available in the attached file (in Polish).

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