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Together we create a better Internet

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On 10 February we celebrate an international Safer Internet Day, whose theme in 2015 is responsibility for the use of the network. The slogan of the campaign is: "Let's create a better Internet together". 


The responsibility of each Internet user for what they do on the Internet and how they use it is emphasised during this year's SID. The organisers emphasise that each user can contribute to the Internet being safe and positive. The President of UKE, Magdalena Gaj, who is the patron of the initiative, emphasised one more aspect: - I particularly support the message of the SID organisers, saying that the Internet has a huge educational and creative potential, which should be widely used by schools, educational and cultural institutions throughout Poland. Digital education of children is the best and fastest way to build a conscious information society.

The President of UKE has been supporting a number of initiatives in the field of Internet security for years. An important initiative in this regard is the UKE Certification programme in the Safe Internet category. Certification of telecommunications services in the Safer Internet category is designed to support the activities of telecommunications undertakings to ensure the safety of network users, including, above all, children and young people and to improve the quality of services provided. In this way, the President of UKE wants to draw attention of all users to the problem of their safety in the network, and to create the need to use the tools available on the market that can provide the highest possible level of protection against crime in the network.

In January this year, the President of UKE also published an electronic Guide for the safe use of electronic communications means in cyberspace, which contains important information on the mechanisms of threats, consequences of effective cyber-attacks and methods of securing computer devices and systems. The guidebook also contains information on the most important computer security techniques and practical guidance how to use them.

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Safer Internet Day (SID) has been celebrated on the initiative of the European Commission since 2004. It aims to initiate and promote activities for a safe access to online resources by children and young people. In Poland, the Safer Internet Day has been organized by the Nobody's Children Foundation and the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) - coordinators of the EU programme "Safer Internet". Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, Minister of Education, Professor Lena Kolarska-Bobińska, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Andrzej Halicki, Minister of Administration and Digitization, Magdalena Gaj, President of UKE and Marek Michalak, Ombudsman for Children have granted their honour patronage to the event.

More information on the Safer Internet initiative can be found at:

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