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Universal Service after 8th May 2011

The President of UKE presents the report based on the analysis of universal service obligation implementation by Telekomunikacja Polska SA.


In accordance with provisions of the Polish Telecommunications Act – under the decisions of the President of UKE, Telekomunikacja Polska SA (TP) was designated to provide universal service in the whole territory of Poland in the period between 8th May 2006 and 8th May 2011, including the following elements:

  1. connection of a single network termination point at a subscriber’s main location, excluding ISDN;
  2. maintaining the subscriber line with a network termination point ready for providing telecommunications services;
  3. national and international telephone calls, including calls to mobile networks, encompassing also fax transmission and data transmission, including calls to the Internet;
  4. the provision of directory enquiry services and directories;
  5. the provision of facilities for disabled persons;
  6. the provision of telephone services using public pay phones.

On 9th May 2011, the decisions of the President of UKE imposing on TP the obligation to provide universal service and defining the conditions for its provision expired, as a result of which after 8th May 2011 TP is no longer obliged to provide universal service.

Based on the results of its internal analysis, the President of UKE decided that the existing  model of USO provision is ineffective, does not fit actual users’ needs and the conditions of the telecommunications market in Poland as well as it fails to implement in a fully correct manner the provisions of the EU law (lack of flexibility). The above mentioned statement of the President of UKE is also confirmed by the Report of independent experts from the Audytel company, which is attached to this press release.

For this reason, the President of UKE presented its proposals for amendment to the Telecommunications Act, among others with respect to the universal service provision model in Poland.

Having regard to the above, the President of UKE has not began any procedures for designating undertaking(s) obliged to provide universal service under the existing model. However, in the nearest future the principles for the provision of universal service by TP in the transitional period are going to be defined in the following areas:

  • connection to the telephone network (the Agreement between the President of UKE and TP defines the schedule for handling requests from users for connection with postponed date of implementation),
  • assuring that users in the whole territory of Poland have access to services provided via public pay phones and also to other publicly available voice telephony access points,
  • assuring facilities for disabled persons, which in the opinion of the President of UKE should be provided by all telecommunications undertakings in the future,
  • conditions on the provision of directory enquiry services and directories,
  • the provision of network connection for the entitled entities in order to use broadband Internet access
The full text of the report is available in Polish in the file.


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