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What deserves attention when signing agreement with telecommunications operator


The Office of Electronic Communications participates in the World Consumer Day.


Someone is calling to you and offering better telephone services for a lower price? Sales representative or courier brings you a new agreement? You have doubts? Quite right!
The Office of Electronic Communications is informed about unfair commercial practices of telecommunication companies persuading potential subscribers to use their services.  Personal data obtained in a dishonest manner are often used to draw up an unwanted contract.

During the World Consumer Day, the Office of Electronic Communications reminds of the key elements of contracts that we should pay attention to in order to avoid troubles.

If someone calls to you with an offer:

Ask for a name and surname of the employee and the company name. Write down these details. Do not delude yourself when you hear e.g. ” I am calling from the commercial/ marketing department of our company”. An honest seller does not conceal the name of the company, which he represents.Ask how they got your number (unless it is your operator, every other company should have your consent to process personal data).
Ask the person calling if he/she wants to conclude a remote agreement.

If conclusion of an agreement is the aim of your phone conversation, remember that the seller should inform you about:

•    Name and surname (business name), residence address (registered office) of the undertaking and the authority which registered business activity of the company, and the registration number,
•    price together with all elements, in particular with taxes,
•    the rules of payment,
•    right to terminate the agreement within 10 days (including specifying the exceptions),
•    costs resulting from the usage of means of distance communication, if they are calculated differently from an ordinary tariff,
•    period, when the offer or information about the price or remuneration shall be binding,
•    the minimum period, for which the agreement on permanent or periodical service shall be concluded,  
•    place and manner of filling a complaint,
•    right to terminate the agreement.

The undertaking is also obliged to confirm in writing the above mentioned information.  The information should be formulated explicitly, in an understandable and readable manner.

If the sales representative comes over you:

•    Ask for a name and surname of the employee and the company name. Write down these details. You have the right to require an identification card or other evidence that allows the employee to perform duties on behalf of the telecommunications operator.
If the sales representative introduces himself as a "telecommunication employee" ask directly whether he represents Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. UKE receives complaints from the subscribers that demonstrate that representatives of certain operators inform that they are employees of TP S.A., and signing the agreement with another operator is the aim of their visit.
•   Ask the person, that comes over you, if he/she wants to conclude an agreement with you.
    Request the price list and rules and regulations of service provision.  Every promotion has its own rules and regulations and a separate price list.  You can check in these documents if the seller shows you the offer of the company, which he/she allegedly represents.
•   do not pay someone, who cannot introduce the full offer to you (rules and regulations and the price list)
•   do not sign documents, without reading them first – it will be you to pay for the service!
•   If you have doubts, you do not understand the provisions of the regulations – ask about them.

You will find more information on your rights when signing and terminating the agreement, on the website of Centrum Informacji Konsumenckiej UKE in the FAQ section.
The Word Consumer Day is celebrated on 15 March, because on this day in 1962 an important address was given by John F. Kennedy, in which the USA President formulated 4 basic consumer rights to information, choice, security and representation. On this day UKE, UOKiK, and Europejskie Centrum Konsumenckie together with Radio Plus will remind of the rights of consumers using different services.

Telephone duty of experts will be available between 10.00 and 16.00 p.m. under the telephone number 22 583 35 49 447.

Moreover, on the occasion of the World Consumer Day on 17 March the Consumer Knowledge Fair organized by the Association of Polish Consumers will be held between 12.00 and 20.00 p.m. in the shopping center Wola Park situated in Warsaw.  

We would like to invite you to take part in this event and to visit the UKE and other exhibitors’ stands.

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