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Widzialni Foundation presents the accessibility of public institutions' websites

Konferencja Widzialni
Digitally Excluded Conference, organised by the Widzialni Foundation and the Broad Agreement for Digital Competences, was held on 20 April 2016 in the Column Hall of the Sejm (lower chamber of the parliament) of the Republic of Poland.


The conference was opened by Anna Streżyńska - Minister of Digital Affairs who declared full support of her ministry to the activities for the information services' accessibility for the disabled.

Przemysław Marcinkowski, Vice President of the Widzialni Foundation, accessibility expert and technical auditor, presented the Accessibility Report 2016, which is the third edition of the accessibility examination of public administration websites in Poland.

The tests were conducted by the experts of Widzialni Foundation and disabled users from various groups at risk of digital exclusion. According the tests carried out by Widzialni Foundation in 2015, only 12.8% of public institutions' websites complies with the minimum requirements of accessibility for the people with special needs.

During the conference, the accessibility of 118 websites, including the websites of Sejm, Senat, the President, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland, Constitutional Tribunal, ministries and subordinated institutions.

The results of the seventh edition of "Website without Barriers" competition which aim is to choose and award the websites that are the best adjusted to the needs of disabled persons, elderly and other persons at risk of digital exclusion, were announced during the event.
Furthermore, the public and non-public entities whose websites were the best adjusted to the WCAG 2.0 standard were awarded at the conference.

In addition, issues concerning accessibility in the European Union were also discussed during the conference.

Representatives of the following institutions participated in a discussion panel on the accessibility in business: Ministry of Digital Affairs, Office of Electronic Communications, the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), Orange Polska, UPC Polska and Soflab Technology.
Dorota Klukowska-Krupa, Head of Retail Services Unit of UKE spoke about the issues connected with evaluation of the implementation of facilities for people with disabilities ensured by the providers of publicly available telephone services, which is carried out by the President of UKE. The evaluation report concludes that most of the operators are ready to serve and provide services for people with disabilities, ensuring them to have facilities that are tailored to their needs. – The President of UKE stimulates these activities through the certification process. Last year a new category – „Disabled Friendly” was introduced to encourage companies to provide facilities– underlined Dorota Klukowska-Krupa.

The conference report is available on the Widzialni Foundation website.
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