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World Radiocommunication Conference 2015

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The World Radiocommunication Conference started in Geneva. The international conference on radiocommunication is held from 2nd until 27th November.


The World Radiocommunication Conference is a meeting of the communications administrations (governments and regulators), entrepreneurs and professional organisations from around the world, held every 4 years for nearly 110 years now in order to revise the provisions of the Radio Regulations. During the WRC the provisions of the Regulations governing the use of radio frequency spectrum and geostationary and non-geostationary-satellite orbits are discussed. Possible changes in the provisions of the Regulations will be enforced under the resolution of the ITU Council, which takes into account the recommendations proposed during the previous conferences on the world radiocommunication.

“The World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 will define new and better ways to regulate radio services” – said the Secretary-General of ITU, Zhao Houlin, while delivering the opening speech at the conference. “In a world where radiocommunications are playing a more and more important role in connecting people, I am convinced that the outcome of the conference will provide a major contribution in making the world a better place for all.”
 “I believe that the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 will assure us that we have taken a good direction and maintained stabilisation which secures long-term multi-billion investments” – said François Rancy, the Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau.
Festus Yusufu Narai Daudu from Nigeria was elected the chairman of the World Radiocommunication Conference. The following persons were chosen for the positions of deputy chairmen: A. Jamieson (New Zealand), Y. Al-Bulushi (Oman), D. Obam (Kenya), D. Tomimura (Brazil), A. Kühn (Germany) and N. Nikiforow (the Russian Federation).
The ITU Council established the draft agenda of the World Radiocommunication Conference two years ago under the approval from the majority of Member States.

The following key issues regarding the radiocommunication will be addressed during the WRC:

  • The mobile broadband communications – the provision of additional frequencies to meet the demand for mobile broadband communications.
  • The communication in emergency situations and natural disasters – the allocation of frequencies for advanced public protection and disaster relief.
  • The unmanned aircrafts and wireless avionics systems.
  • The Frequencies for Global Flight Tracking for Civil Aviation.
  • The enhanced maritime communications systems – systems facilitating the use of on-board digital transmissions and automatic identification system on vessels for improved navigation safety.
  • The amendments to the regulations on the allocation of radio frequencies.
  • The debate on all issues regarding the world radiocommunication.
  • The road safety - the allocation of frequencies for short range, high-resolution radars for collision avoidance systems in vehicles for the purpose of increased road safety.
  • The use of satellite systems – the allocation of spectrum for broadband satellite systems, improving the coordination procedures to make the use of spectrum and satellite orbits more efficient.

More than 3700 participants representing 160 out of 193 Member States take part in the Conference in Geneva.

For more information on this year’s WRC, please visit the ITU website.

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